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  1. Anonymous

    Which of these two fighters does the bombing role better the TIE Bomber or the Scimitar Assault Bomber?

    • Fractalsponge

      Scimitar – shields, better acceleration, hyperdrive capable. Per cost of fighter, well, that’s debatable. I also think TIEs are generally shielded, just weakly – you’d want shielding to deal with small debris in vacuum if nothing else. I’d also point out that shielded X-wings can get crisped pretty quickly by TIEs in the movies, so shields are not the same kind of advantage that game mechanics say they should be.

      • Anonymous

        And which game mechanics you are talking about?

        • Fractalsponge

          The survivability the games give you. Impossible to kill any fighter with a single hit – usually a large number of hits required to kill a shielded fighter in game – even capital ship light guns can’t kill a fighter in a single hit. Whereas a single burst from a fighter will kill another fighter in the movies.

          • Anonymous

            So basically the games make star fighters in combat more logical right?

          • Fractalsponge

            SW-universe logic is dictated by the movies, and everything follows from that. So no, the game are very ILLOGICAL. Small craft get shot down easily and this is true even in real life, even for armored planes like A-10s; it’s not that hard to shoot a one-man craft down because they can’t carry the kind of defenses required to defeat large weapons. If everything was based on the games world, then all you would see are cheap carriers, cheap transports, and massive numbers of fighters. Capital ships wouldn’t exist because they’d be a massively inefficient use of resources. And let’s just leave aside how the games’ flight models are non-Newtonian…

          • Anonymous

            Huh that make scent also about the fighters being shot down easily do you mean as being one shoted and if so even heavy fighters like the rebels B-Wing and the Empire TIE Defender can be one shot or is it 2 or 3 shots?

  2. Anonymous

    What is your favorite and your least favorite TIE fighter?

  3. St.Schumann

    Very impressive! My best refference to create my lego-versions.
    After the escort-shuttle, the next moc is ready; the GAT 12 skipray-blastboat ( have only to take quality pictures).
    I also started the XG1 starwing gunboat.
    Your work is a real pleasure, to look at. And I thank you very much, for this scaling-board.

  4. Gabriel Velasquez

    I don’t know if you are familiar with Star Wars X-wing miniatures by FFG, but if we see the XG1 StarWing Assault Gunboat for the game, I hope the wings don’t look like the Lambda shuttle white that they did. Do you think you could try a version of the StarWing that has the solar panels instead?

    Also, is it just my imagination or are your TIE Ddefender solar panels longer than FFG’s?

    • I think his Defender is much more inspired by th original design from the PC-game TIE-Fighter.
      FFG took the design from a (IMO cluless) drawing in the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels. That one hast no room for al that stuff they put in (hyperdrive, big shields….)

  5. gorkmalork

    Truly snazzy lineup. Your Defender design’s revamped fuselage & wing pylons render that beast notably less spindly, although those perpendicular ‘fin’ extensions near the front of each spoke seem tailor-made for atmospheric friction. Speaking of fuselages, interesting combination of smooth planes, angular greebling & ventral launchers on the Scimitar. As for your Avenger…well, closest thing to a nitpick for me would involve the wing root-to-‘solar’ panel ratio; otherwise it’s easily the sleekest TIE revision I’ve ever seen, which is no small feat considering that beast’s horizontal profile.

    Ah, and the Starwing. Truth be told, I’d be sorely tempted to lop off that top fin & tip the upper winglets down far enough to grant the dorsal guns 360-deg. clearance. Otherwise not a bad blend of elegant lines & firepower. Anyhow, can’t imagine how much time & effort these took you, and can’t thank you enough for sharing.

  6. Astro1derboy

    These are some of the most beautiful models I’ve seen (along with Dan Brown CGI). Stunning!!!

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