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  1. Wow, great ship!
    Anyone have a good count on how many hangars that beauty has? I keep losing track of my count…

  2. Anonymous

    You said this carrier can hold up to 4 groups of 6 wings so does that mean that each group have 6 wings or these 6 wings are divided into 4 groups?

    • Fractalsponge

      Group contains several Wings, so 4 Groups, each of 6 Wings, each typically of 6 Squadrons. I think that’s how it’s supposed to go anyway.

      • Anonymous

        right and each squadron were 12 fighters so this all adds up to a whopping 1728 fighters. (12 fighters X 6 squadrons X 6 wings X 4 groups)

  3. Anonymous

    i wonder if this ship is more powerful than the ISD by how much?

    • PyrrhicVictory7

      In terms of firepower, no, but would easily be able to take on an ISD with that kind of complement.

  4. What is the armament on this thing? I see some heavy turbolasers and lots of PD cannons, but I can’t count them all lol.

  5. Yularen

    That is simply amazing detail! Lucasfilm should hire you. Are there any plans to tackle either the Executor, Eclipse, or Sovereign per chance?

    • darkelf2x1

      Technically, they did (he did some work that was officially published as part of, what is now, Star Wars Legends)

  6. What is the fighter compliment and size of this ship? It looks very well done.

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s about 3.5km long. Fighter complement is…enormous. Thousands. Because it dedicates a huge proportion of its volume to fighters, unlike things like the ISD.

      • gorkmalork

        You ain’t kidding. Besides those main frontal & ventral hangars, do I spy a pair of (relatively) teeny-tiny launch bays up in each prow-tip? Nice beefy engine cluster as well, and I suppose that fantail provides coverage for said nozzles in the event this thing has to actually orient & shoot at a peer opponent.

      • A lot more fighters than I had figured. I guessed it had to be close to a thousand, but thousands was beyond what I thought. As a dedicated carrier it would need other dedicated warships to protect against other capital ships i.e. Dreadnoughts. I imagine the fighter/bomber squadrons could handle smaller ships or maybe a single dreadnought if no other ships were involved. I was curious about the size though because in some of your new works where it is in formation with other ships it looks to be about slightly less than half the length of the Assertor class.

        • gorkmalork

          Those formation shots probably entail some ships being (much) closer to the ‘camera’ than others, hence the scale confusion without common elements (like, say, bridge towers) to compare.

          • Anditesh Ordo

            dang if the rebels (in the animated series) took this ship, they would be set for their fleet, they would be able to sell the ties for parts and have room for their ships. Even keep some of the ties to use against the empire. Awesome job with the ship.

  7. Reminds me of the Relentless class carrier from the IMPS The Relentless fan film series. Yet it looks even bigger!

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