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  1. Anonymous

    I just notice something about the single 40 TT heavy turbolaser turret use on the Vindicator and the Dreadnaught star frigates the barrel size look a lot bigger and longer than the doubles, quads & octs 40 TT heavy turbolasers barrels so why is it that big Fractal?

    • Fractalsponge

      Out of universe – aesthetics; the original model for ISD2 had very short and small barrels and wouldn’t look right on a frigate sized ship. Actually I think the original model ISD2 guns were maybe even smaller than MTL.

      • Anonymous

        Oh so the larger barrel on star frigates is meant to be that size while the ones on star destroyers and larger warships was actually smaller then it supposed to be right?

  2. Anonymous

    Be handy if there were some sort of identification legend for this picture so it’d be easier for some people who aren’t as well versed in Star Wars tech as others to be able to pick out what weapons are on what ships. Only turrets I really recognize here are the big quad-emplacement for the octuple barbette turbolasers on the Imperator/Imperial class Star Destroyer.

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