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  1. Sev40

    Very nice work. If I may ask, is there any chance you could have some parallel shots like you did for the Kandosi?

  2. Madman

    I looked, but can’t find a source with the length of this ship. Mind filling me in?

    Very nice looking.

    • Fractalsponge

      I scaled it ~180m, but that’s flexible. I can’t find an exact number either!

      • Madman

        I did some more digging, found 180, 190, and 200.

        So, yeah, people are CLEARLY very well agreed upon a set dimension for this thing!

  3. Jeroenimo

    Very nice, very nice. Couldn’t imagine what you’d do with a Keldabe-class.

      • Anonymous

        And who can forget the Interceptor Frigate?
        Either one will do, the original or the Interceptor IV.

        • Anditesh Ordo

          I agree with all of these being added. Obviously when he gets time to!

  4. Iokona

    Seems like access to those port and starboard airlocks will be limited due to the “wing” like connection to the engine components. Or I’ve just a bad angle of view. Don’t take that as anything other than constructive, your work is beautiful.

  5. Anonymous

    Do you plan to do more Zann Consortium ships or vehicles?
    I’ve never seen them in this much detail!

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