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  1. Hecatomb

    This really exemplifies the Imperial doctrine of order through terror. It’s like some huge horrible insect descending from above to bring swift death to the enemies of the empire. What is the length, around 25 meters? Also, I wonder if the empire would have built a legless version as a military cargo shuttle. I could imagine this craft swooping down and using a tensor field to pick up and transport heavy storage containers quickly and efficiently. It certainly looks much better than the official Zeta-class from Rogue One!

  2. Billy R

    Hey i have a question, I love this design but I have really have looking forward to a ship that could carry an All-Terrain Siege Platform (AT-SP) just like this Zeta- class Carrier can carry an At-At. I would love for you to make a carrier or a shuttle bigger than the Chi-class that could carry an AT-SP. It was just a thought. I would love to hear what you think about it.

    • Fractalsponge

      I think when you need something that large, you might be better off landing a ship. Definitely a Zeta-style carrying setup would look a little implausible. I think maybe a walk-off drop barge might be best for the AT-SP.

  3. Xavier

    love it (!!!)
    …. just one suggestion:
    i would add 3 laser turrets, all looking down: 1 in the tale and 2 in each side. that way it will be able to “clean” the terrain before to drop the load

    • Fractalsponge

      Not a bad idea except that when it’s carrying a load, most of those positions are pretty well blocked. Plus if it’s carrying a walker like an AT-AT, it’s going to be escorted, probably by these (http://fractalsponge.net/?p=1652)

  4. Anonymous

    This explains the gap between posts. Well done! Still working on the Crusader?

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