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  1. Anonymous

    Those duel turbolaser turrets are they the same turrets as on the quad MTL?

    • Fractalsponge

      The same guns yes.

      • Anonymous

        Man with these turbolasers firing around megatons, gigatons, teratons and even petatons this basically make our nukes useless (Even the almighty Tsar Bomba won’t be enough which is only 50 megatons) against these imperial warships even the frigates and possibly the corvettes can survive without making a scratch on it’s armor and to add salt to the wound’s they have shields to protect them even more so!

  2. Anonymous

    This is great.

  3. Hi Fractal, would appreciate knowing what is the length of this corvette? Thanks

  4. Jay Hailey

    What would you estimate the crew complement for this ship to be?

  5. I love this. They should use this design instead of the Arquitens in Star Wars Rebels.

  6. Burning Spear

    Is that the rectangle on the bottom of the ship or?

  7. gorkmalork

    Another stubby, swift & punchy little bugger. Impressive there was enough space to cram a TIE launch rack on the bow.

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