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  1. Anonymous

    Hey fractal you said you going to make procursator star destroyer variants right? so what kind of variants will you make like the multi-role or something?

  2. Anonymous

    Isn’t this Ansel Hsiao’s. I did reasearch and it gave him credit. When I went to his profile on….oh that is you. Sorry. You are my favorite artist and this is my favorite ship. My second favorite is still one of yours. 🙂

  3. Cdr. Roger

    Those are some pretty huge engines in the back there, I would not be wrong to assume this pocket Impstar can haul ass right?

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Fractal what your thoughts on the empire at war mod that use this ship but not it’s missile bays?

  5. Anonymous

    Would it maybe be possible to do a top down render of the Procursator?

  6. Anonymous

    Those three tri HTL how much power do they shoot out in Teratons?

  7. Hecatomb

    Very nice light destroyer model! Is this an original creation or based on an existing design?

    • Fractalsponge

      Largely an original kitbash (made it in a weekend) – getting long in the tooth.

  8. Anonymous

    I just notice the communication tower on this star destroyer is the same as the ISD (mark 1) but laid down on it’s back.

    • Anonymous

      Wait never mind it is the same with the other ships that have this communication tower.

  9. Commander Klank

    I like the Pocket Star Destroyer consent. I’m going to build one for Armada.

  10. gorkmalork

    Trim, clean-lined light destroyer here; the launch bay seems to be all but on top of its reactor, but I’m digging that spinal turret row & brim-trench missile array. I get the impression this would make a decent Victory-series successor, compensating for a slight firepower discrepancy with better shielding & sublight acceleration.

    • gorkmalork

      Well, I stand corrected re: the launch bay on this puppy; the latest batch of views place it further forward than I assumed. Those doors seem a prudent addition as well. As ever, thanks for sharing.

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