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  1. Павел

    Superb JOB! I wonder how you do this old materials 🙂 Also ii would be great to know hom pany polygons each ship has 🙂 If you’ll provide a wireframe it would be very informative not only from the design standpoint but also for the modelers there 🙂

  2. Jonathan

    Favorite corvette in all of Star Wars! Only complaint I’ve ever had about it is it has no rear covering turrets!

    I’ve always wanted to see one with the central engine removed and a small hangar in its place, like a Mandalorian version on the FarStar!

    • Anditesh Ordo

      I agree with you, this is my top favorite one as well!!! That would be a slower version if it had a small hanger in the rear. Would be interesting to test.

  3. 1gecko

    That is seriously beautiful! Well thought out too…

    If I may ask, what program do you use for modeling?

  4. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see what you can do with other Zann Consortium ships!
    Ground vehicles, too!

    • Anditesh Ordo

      I agree. I do want to see the Keldabe class battleship, that would look interesting, even with a more accurate weaponry added to it.

  5. Brad Knowles

    Oh, and does the forward section of the ship separate from the rest of the body?

    Is that why there is what looks like a huge cylindrical shaft joining the forward section to the aft? And maybe why the forward section seems to be a bit cleaner/newer than the aft, because it’s been replaced?

  6. Brad Knowles

    Okay, so I count four twin light turbolaser emplacements in turrets — one mounted under the chin, one mounted dorsal (forward of the communications array), and two mounted ventrally (one each on the port and starboard “wings”).

    But what the Hells are those emplacements on the dorsal side of the port and starboard wings? They look to me like a light turbolaser barrel on one side, but there’s additional stuff at the base of the barrel — perhaps additional cooling or recoil compensators, so that maybe they could be fired more frequently? And then what is the other weapon in those emplacements? It looks to me like it might be a medium or perhaps even a heavy turbolaser, but again it appears to have additional stuff around the base, which might be cooling or recoil compensation?

    Inquiring minds want to know! 😉

    • Fractalsponge

      There aren’t any “heavy” turbolasers, in the sense of an ISD main gun – ships this size don’t have the power generation for it. The twins are light turbolasers. The flank batteries have a single light turbolaser paired with a heavy laser cannon – these are point-defense type mountings.

      The front half is not designed to detach, but that is a potential point of modularity – the tube just connects the crew areas forward with the engineering section with main machinery and engines.

  7. Astro1derboy

    Stunning as usual!! How are you achieving the dirt/grunge . . . via a cavity map? Thanks.

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