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  1. Hey check this fanon page it have a Bellator picture on it but the role and type of it is completely different in a stupid way to be honest including it’s class name.

    • Fractalsponge

      That’s the Fanon wiki, so anyone can post whatever they want there. I’ve seen pencil sketches on lined paper shown on that site.

  2. Anonymous

    So about the missile bays can they both concussion missiles and proton torpedoes at the same time?

  3. The frontal view has been my deskop wallpaper long before I had ever heard of this website. I honestly thought it was a white-painted resurgent :)) I’m so silly…

  4. In the book’s endnotes, Jason gave several facts about the class as well as others done by Hsiao, which is now canon information. He also gave two accounts; in-universe and out-of-universe on the method behind the design of the

  5. Totrooper72

    That’s an amazing Starship!!!

  6. How many guns are on this beast? I’m having trouble counting them all =P

    On another note, can you do the Mandator III?

    • Gurran8055

      From what I know, the Bellator-class had significantly less weaponry than a Mandator-II or Mandator-III, but was a lot more agile. It was also about 5000 metres shorter than the Mandator-III.

  7. kardar233

    Many things about this design (extreme back-weighting of the command superstructure, large dorsal housing in front, long point) immediately make me think of the Nelson-class ships, and if this were a battleship rather than a battlecruiser I’d be tempted to draw a direct relationship. Looks excellent.

  8. gorkmalork

    Now *this* is one absurdly slick blend of tapering grace & brute force; easily my favorite non-film capital vessel. Clever hangar layout, some notable protection for the main engine bank…I’d have moved one or both reactors a touch further away from said flight decks, but that’s about it.

    • Tom Freeman

      I second your vote, sir. Fractal has done all kinds of great ships, but the Bellator is an easy favorite for me as well. Just beautiful.

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