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    • Fractalsponge

      You can’t have everything – either the ship is ~1/10th ISD power generation or it has a lot of fighters, or it is a lot larger than it’s stated to be. 1-2 wings is ridiculous for a ship this size if it is to retain a decent size reactor. Or you might be able to fit both a lot of reactor and hangar volume but drop the engines. There’s no free lunch in ship design, if some logic is to be retained.

      • Burntstrobe

        Authors of the EU often appear to be lacking on the fact checking department, unrealistically adding things into ships that are just plain ridiculous.

        I recently had to come up with a solution to a similar problem where it was stated that the Lancer “Pride of Selonia” had a hangar capable of housing an entire squadron of X-wings….

  1. Burntstrobe

    Looking good Fractal,

    I actually beat you to this concept by 2 years when I attempted to solve the ‘gun blisters’ back in 2014, but amazing to see your take on the design and in such a much more high quality design.


    I chose to have 4 turrets per gun blister: 2 dual medium turbos and 2 dual light lasers with the medium turbos being positioned for more forward facing firing archs and the light laser for defense around the ship facing out to the sides.

    Great job and what are the larger single barrel weapons that you are using?

    Burntstrobe | Leader – Yuuzhan Vong at War Mod

    • NightFighterSquadron#388

      Interesting design, but it looks a bit not thought out very well. The dual medium turbolasers look like they came from a CR80, and the Dreadnaught cruiser is a Rendili design. They also cannot fire to the rear and the ship is supposed to be able to fire in all directions. In this way the turrets on top of the blisters would’ve made more sense, with different turrets.

      • Burntstrobe

        For our mod, we have standardized weapons, same weapons used across many ships. All turrets are coded to rotate and elevate gun barrels. We read somewhere that the ship was designed for assault, and purposefully gave it a weakness of lacking rear facing weapons. We have to make accommodations as such because we are designing for use within a game that has limits.

    • Fractalsponge

      Well, I did have my blister concept in 2013 for my MC90 – before the site update. Here are the shots of those.

      MC90 blister

      Larger single barrel weapons in the Dreadnaught are ISDII main gun caliber.

      • Burntstrobe

        Ah yeah, your mc90 right? Loved that concept, best solution for the mon cals

        Did you ever finish that one? It was beautiful the work, and I was always curious to see how all the gun blisters would have looked on a final product, and how it would have compared next to a star destroyer.

  2. Chris

    Are those turrets going to be able to traverse directly outward??

    • Fractalsponge

      Well, yes – it’ll be a combination of high gun elevation and turret traverse to bear on a lot of targets. Not really ideal, but the blisters are required by the design and this was my least objectionable (technically and aesthetically) interpretation. I suppose ball socket turrets would have worked too, but then that might look a little too knobby.

  3. smer

    This looks awesome already!
    One suggestion: Something about how the blisters connect to the hull does not look completely right to me, giving the model a somewhat toylike appearance. It may have to do with the amount of grit in that area. Maybe you could try reducing the grit a little.

    PS: What 3d software are you using?

  4. gorkmalork

    Interesting blister realignment-the quad mediums seem more/less broadside-skewed, but at least those main singles have some semblance of a frontal arc. Would those cutout strips on the port/starboard bow edges be windows or small-craft space?

    • Fractalsponge

      Equipment access. Too small for hangars, which the ship supposedly doesn’t have. Probably put something small ventral side when I get there.

      • gorkmalork

        Sounds about right-a ship approaching Acclamator size (albeit with rather less versatility) really oughta keep at least a handful of recon snubs & shuttles.

        • Chris

          I would think enough space for 2-3 squadrons with maybe 1/2 a dozen support shuttles.

          • gorkmalork

            If a Quasar Fire mini-carrier variant (340 meters) can pack in three dozen snubs, two squads plus some wiggle room for transports seems about right for a Dread.

          • Fractalsponge

            The volume of the Quasar Fire is a is substantially less than a Dreadnaught hull scaled to 340m, and has nowhere near the “ship” capability that a Dreadnaught is supposed to have. Length alone means very little – you could have a tube 1m wide and 10km long and it couldn’t have a hangar. A ship the size of a Dreadnaught could certainly have a very large fighter complement, but then it wouldn’t have the space for reactors or the other things that line up to its described capabilities. Never mind that a large hangar is never described or shown. I might make a small one, but I wouldn’t expect it to carry very much.

          • gorkmalork

            True enough, FS-I utterly failed to consider the space & role discrepancies between Dreads & Quasars. Dunno whether an afterthought-scale shuttle bay might work better in that spot beneath the prow or back along the ventral center just before the engine block.

          • chris

            I think you also have to look at the fact that the Quasar Fire is basically a large box with engines and a command pod attached. It is either a converted cargo ship (in the old continuity) or a dedicated light carrier (in the new continuity) In my mind the Dread was a dedicated warship for ship to ship combat so would not have been looked at as a carrier/cruiser design like the Venator or Imperial classes are.

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