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  1. AdmiralStrang

    It looks like an a more practical take on the IDT– a very silly vehicle even by the standards of the universe. I love it.

  2. Geroenimo

    I’ll be honest, I love your work generally, but this looks very non-star wars ish. Great sci-fi, but not star wars. This looks way too practical to be star wars.

    • Fractalsponge

      Eh, I think practicality is key to Star Wars detailing. Plausibly practicable in universe, that is. Some things like walkers are intrinsically silly though.

      • Geroenimo

        I agree fully on the detailing, however I am talking about general design, not detailing. Your detailing is what makes your modelling so high quality (opinion me), but the overall design of almost all things star wars is extremely silly and unpractical. The guns on this vehicle have great fire angles, almost no gunship in star wars has these practical fireangles, except the LAAT side guns, and even those are restricted to 180 degrees. This vehicle looks very stealthy and has a very small forward surface area, the actual LAAT is absolutely not stealthy or sleek looking and is massive when viewed from the front with huge frontal surface area. This is what I mean when I say it looks too practical, this vehicle looks like it would actually work in real life, where as star wars vehicles absolutely do not for a meriad of reasons.

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