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    • Anonymous

      Or better yet what role does this assault vehicle have that make it different from the stormtrooper transport?

  1. Hecatomb

    Now this is one of my favorite designs. This is a tremendous improvement over the republic gunship from the prequels in every respect–better armed, greater troop capacity, probably much faster, and it looks damn cool too!

  2. d w

    Every time I come back to this site… I find some new thing(s) to drool over.

    Another beautiful piece.

    some observations though…

    you don’t actually want good visibilty, if the plan is to get shot at (because your a flying tank.) which is one of the things I love about this. It has enough viewports in case the crap lands more your way than theirs.

    Secondly… how pissed would you be if I totally stole this and printed up a R/C version of it?

    Cuz… you know… that’s probably the closest I’ll get to owning one IRL….

  3. Brad Knowles

    Hmm. I’m curious as to why the missile launchers mounted in the roots of the wings seem to have a group of four that are separated from the others?

    The weapons on the wings that can rotate — are those blasters or laser cannons?

    What about the chin-mounted weapons?

    And do we have a central directional light that is also chin-mounted between the weapons? And do we also have strut-mounted lights on port and starboard in front of the doors on the sides?

    Could we get a view that was landed, with all hatches and doors open?

    Every time I look at one of your designs, I spend … a lot of time … looking at what is where and how the various bits would actually function, and then I’m dying to learn more!

  4. Maphisto86

    Nice take on the LAAT/i’s successor. Sadly we have not seen a Imperial variant yet (aside from the games). The flight deck looks better protected albeit with less visibility. No aft turret?

      • Maphisto86

        The thought had occurred to me but I was not sure if that was your intent. Much better than one or two cannons in an aft ball turret. Solid design I would love to see in the actual canon story line.

  5. Kaul of Keldabe

    My god!! Its like the love child of Robocop and an Old Republic gunship.

  6. Jason

    Too bad you’re not designing for the new SW movies. The TFA lander was horrible!

  7. gorkmalork

    Much like your Stormie Transport revision, this puppy sports a reasonable cross-section & plenty of teeth. Would it have enough thrust to evade/contend with attacking starfighters in atmosphere, or are T-47s & -16s a closer performance ballpark?

    • Fractalsponge

      Not enough thrust, but defensive fire and shielding, probably.

      • gorkmalork

        Come to think of it, these birds’ Republic predecessors did spend quite a bit of time getting chipped to death at point-blank by Count Dooku’s Geonosian escorts in that chase at the end of AoTC. Perhaps if those first-gen LAATs had bothered/managed to shoot back, things might’ve gone a touch differently.

  8. Scouky

    Just found this website, the works are awesome!

    keep up the amazing work 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Looks really awesome, fantastic work! IFT-X or an alternative Version next time?

  10. Taghmata Omnissiah

    If this is “light”… the “heavy” one will be true monster.

    • Fractalsponge

      It can, just like the the old one, but it’s primarily for atmospheric work, like the old one.

      • Mr Andrew

        Awesome. Thanks for the quick response and keep up the amazing work!

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