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  1. Jayson

    Hey, do you ever sell your 3d models? I’d love to be able to access some of these.

  2. Gruma

    The Dreadnought looks awesome. I really wanna see your models in a Star Wars Movie.
    Lucasfilm should totally hire you!

  3. Nine Volt

    I know this isn’t exactly a custom design (and can actually be mistaken for an exception to my point), but is it safe to assume that you follow the Anaxes War College System when making your own capital ships? For example, is your Kontos comparable to a frigate or light cruiser in size or firepower?

    • Fractalsponge

      I don’t actually much care for the War College System. Had I been involved earlier in the project I would’ve tried to convince Jason otherwise. Length alone is a horrible way to classify spaceships. Almost anything else would be better – role, mass, power, volume, weaponry.

      • gorkmalork

        Between your guidelines re: classification and what I recall of Curtis Saxton’s Technical Commentaries on theforce.net, I find myself relabeling a fair number of so-called ‘cruisers’ (Dreadnaught, Immobilizer, Carrack, etc.) as frigates or corvettes. I suppose Ep 7’s Resurgent class fudges the border ‘tween heavy destroyer & light cruiser, with that questionable-looking open bow possibly qualifying it for a /carrier suffix. Ah, and to answer that earlier question, pretty sure Kontos is a frigate.

      • jonathan

        agreed! Ive always assumed it was ‘displacement’ tonnage. When I made a system for a custom ship creator website from ages past I added combat roles into it. For example, if your ship was a certain large mass AND had a sizable fighter contingent then it was a Star Destroyer (I imagined Star Destroyer was akin to Aircraft Carrier back the.)

  4. Sean

    Any plans to do Acclamators after this? Perhaps non-canon Turbulent-classes, more variations on the Nebula (pls!), or even a Victory-I or -II?

    I love your work a ton, even when I don’t get answers to the spec questions I ask lol

    • Fractalsponge

      I plan on doing the frigate version of the Acclamator eventually. No plans to finish the Nebula at the moment, unless someone commissions one.

      As for the Victory, well, stay tuned 🙂

      • Chris

        Are you talking about the Rand Ecliptic/Imperial II class frigate from the Darklighter storyline??

      • gorkmalork

        The Hull 721 fanfic duology (second part incomplete, but still a fun read) on stardestroyer.net got me curious enough about space combat-spec Acclamators (a.k.a. the ‘Meridian’ class in-fic) to make this a fine bit of news. I’d be sorely tempted to pare down or delete that aft ‘fin’ fairing & thus expand the engine block a bit.

      • Sean

        =) I want a Victory lol. I love them, though their “fins” make em look kinda weird.

  5. Chris

    First a question…is that hanger large enough to support an Imperial style shuttle with teh tall top wing?

    Second…I like the placement of the hanger…well protected as opposed to the large hole in the bottom so Star Destroyers or easy to target side hangers on Mon Cal ships. And I like the shape of the engines.

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s not. Lambdas will only fit in very tall hangars, which restricts them to larger ships/stations. Considering that they are basically a VIP transport/special courier that’s not all that surprising. There’s currently a “gap” for a model that is compact and for routine shuttle tasks (i.e. with a damn airlock). On my list of things to do.

      • Chris

        But if you watch Rebels you see the Sentinel used for just about everything….and it is in the same boat with the tall central fin.

        • Fractalsponge

          Do they use them from Dreadnaughts and Corvettes? ISDs have no problem with the tall-fin designs, but many of the smaller ship designs are objectively unable to handle them without disproportionately large (and heretofore unobserved) hangars. They can use DX-9s and the like, certainly. Also, Sentinels and Lambdas are fine for ship to atmosphere or hangar to hangar, but they don’t have airlock interfaces, so they can’t be used for things like forced boarding actions or to attach to smaller ships that don’t have giant hangars. Ships need subsidiary craft for many roles, not just atmo troop landing and courier duties.

          • Chris

            IIRC…in the Season 2 premiere their stolen Sentnel shuttle docks with a a larger ship. Apparently in the show there is an airlock interface on them on the side as well as on the Gozanti. They don’t have the visible docking ring like ont he Falcon or the Ghost…but it is apparently there.

          • Fractalsponge

            That’s would be stupid. But at least they didn’t try that on a lambda.

  6. gorkmalork

    That’s some quality ventral detail & thruster cluster alike. Plus, a hangar deck just deep enough to handle most shuttles & small freighters, albeit not en masse. Don’t suppose those outsized sensor dishes were especially advantageous?

  7. Kaul of Keldabe

    The engines are blocking the rear facing canons. Rendili didn’t think that one through 🙂

    • Fractalsponge

      The rear facing ones are mainly for broadside fire. They can’t fire dead aft but they actually can cover a decent arc.

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