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  1. Eduardo

    Hey I hope you dont mind if I use this and a few others in a story and picture I’m making. I may photoshop them a bit to add some paint to them, if you dont mind, I hope you don’t, I’ll link back to every ship I use since you have the best quality images. I also think you should tag this as Rebel Alliance as well as Galactic Empire, because pretty much EVERYONE used this ship back in the day.

  2. Joel Szasz

    Nice to see that you’ve given the good old girl the Fractal treatment. When I use her in my fan fiction, with your okay, I’ll want to link this as a reference to readers, especially since this is superior in quality to what it on Wookiepeedia.

  3. Anonymous

    Is this ship have the same firepower than the Vindicator or more?

    • Fractalsponge

      Slightly more given the heavy missile tubes, but not as many fighters or lighter guns

        • Sephiroth0812

          It certainly does.
          The Dreadnaught may be goddamn old (it was used by the Judicial Forces of the Republic already even before Episode I: The Phantom Menace) and rather slow, but it can take a huge amount of punishment and is essentially a sort of flying “bunker” due to its thick armor.

  4. Nate

    After seeing this, I’m curious to see what your design of a Carrack class light cruiser would look like.

    • Anonymous

      speaking of design fractal you said you can’t take the Carrack design seriously because it look like a dick but the Dreadnaught class design also look like a dick but yet you keep it so what justified this one but not the Carrack?

      • Fractalsponge

        Because someone paid for it, and because it doesn’t look as much like a dick as the Carrack.

        • Anonymous

          Oh that’s neat then if you weren’t paid then you make a different model for the Dreadnaught class or will it be the same as this one?

          • Fractalsponge

            It would’ve been very similar I think, but I might just not have done one. It’s still less penis-like than a Carrack, so had a higher chance of being made to begin with :P.

  5. John

    This is awesome. The Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser is my favorite ship from Star Wars. I would love to see you do a more standard variant (the clamshell fore section) in the future. A MK I Assault Frigate would be another good project.

  6. MadMoff

    That’s a Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser (Not a Frigate, a HEAVY CRUISER), according to the Anaxes System of Ship Classification. The Anaxes System superseded the ship classification used by the Old Republic before the Clone Wars. In the old system, there were heavy restrictions placed on ships above six hundred meters in length, usually by limiting their their speed and/or armement.

    Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers were designed and built by Rendili Star Drive a century before the Clone Wars as a heavy cruiser to give much needed muscle to Judicial Forces task forces, but was slow and ponderous. However, she was durable and well armed, and saw extensive use by Republic forces during the Clone Wars, and later by the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance/New Republic Navies

    • gorkmalork

      Since this particular Dread variant is apparently the product of an Imperial overhaul program, it might’ve been (re)categorized under the Starfleet’s own in-house system (and srsly, how ‘heavy’ would this thing look next to a Victory or Venator-class SD?). Even prior to vast swathes of Expanded Universe material being “Legend”-ized for the sake of a (relatively) clean slate, “many of the truths we cling to depend on our point of view”.

      • MadMoff

        That’s the thing about the Anaxes system. Under the old classification system, ships over 600 meters in length (the maximum size of the Cruiser-class) were a rarity, but by the time the Clone Wars rolled around, the Cruiser class was made increasingly meaningless by the sheer number of private enterprises churning out warships far larger than the old size limitations permitted, regulations be damned. The architects of the Anaxes system noticed that, and made allotments for ships far outside the old 600 meter limit.

        At the time of its inception, the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser was actually a rather sizable warship at 600 meters in length. (A comparable vessel designed during the Imperial Era would be the Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser, or her more recognizable cousin, the Immobilizer 418-class Interdictor Cruiser. Both of those vessels were 600 meters in length, and were relatively heavy warships in comparison to the ships available to planetary governments at the time.) However, the Dreadnaught was dwarfed by the Victory and Venator-class Star Destroyers that were designed during the Clone Wars, and even those were put to shame by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

        • gorkmalork

          Well & good, though I must note that even well prior to the Clone Wars major powers like the Mandalorians were fielding 1300m+ Kandosii-class ships. Vessels approaching and/or well exceeding an Impstar’s bulk don’t seem to have been *that* recent a development on the galactic stage.

          • Fractalsponge

            See also the Inexpugnable class – that by volume is almost Anaxes battlecruiser range, and that’s thousands of years earlier. Invincible class were 2km+ and easily approach ISD volume as well.

    • Fractalsponge

      I drew the silhouettes for that system when it was published, so I am well aware of it. I just follow the older Saxton nomenclature system, since it integrates all the much larger starships in what to me is a more intuitive system.

  7. Popkorn

    I think it’s a litte too big to be considered frigate, i think cruiser suits it much better. Awesowe work as always.

    • gorkmalork

      FS seems to operate with the notion that star *destroyers* are exactly that, and Imperial warships start approaching ‘cruiser’ scale around twice an Impstar’s bulk. As for the EU/Legends’ smaller officially-labeled ‘cruisers’, that gets chalked up to their manufacturers’ hyperbolic marketing. Makes sense to me, but your mileage may vary.

      • Fractalsponge

        An alternate explanation that I like besides simple marketing histrionics is there are actually 2+ scales for designating ships – one a peacetime/Old Republic scale, and one wartime/Imperial scale. The smaller scale is followed by the Mon Cals, who have cruisers where destroyers are in the larger scale. The larger scale is the one that integrates ISDs as destroyers, Bellators as Battlecruisers, and Executors as Dreadnoughts.

        • gorkmalork

          That Republic-cum-Alliance scale does nicely account for combat-modded Lucrehulk ‘battleships’ and the winged/wingless MC80 derivatives; I suppose Home One-scale vessels might be battlecruisers to their crew, but light-ish cruisers to the Imps. Can’t help pondering whether the EU’s more blatantly plot-shielded NR-era flagships (Galactic Voyager, Mon Remonda & her sisters, etc.) would start making sense as 5-7+ km. bruisers with the punch (if not necessarily thrust) to make a Bellator-ballpark foe work for it. At any rate, Dread & Immobilizer-weight craft still feel like frigates to me.

        • gorkmalork

          That still leaves quite the tonnage gap between Victories/Venators/Impstars and flagships like the Executor class, not to mention a handful of capitals from supplemental sources (comics, games, concept sketches) that seem to mass around 1/3 to 1/2 Ex’s tonnage, which still dwarfs your average star destroyer. And given how much time destroyers seem to spend chasing corvettes & freighters about, the analogy with their WWII Terran counterparts doesn’t strike me as terribly far-fetched.

          • Sephiroth0812

            Maybe in the Star Wars galaxy the designations of “Cruiser” and “Destroyer” are simply switched compared to Earth naval nomenclature?
            On Earth, it usually goes like:
            Patrol Boat/Gunship->Corvette->Frigate->Destroyer->Cruiser->Carrier/Battlecruiser/Battleship.

            In Star Wars, the roles of Cruiser and Destroyer are simply switched around with Destroyers like the Victories, Venators and ImpStars being the second most powerful classes with the tonnage gap being bridged by ship-classes designated as Heavy Destroyers (like the Tector-class) or light “Battlecruisers” like the Allegiance-class or Praetor MkI (which has 4km length).
            In the real world navies there was also a more notable tonnage gap between the second most-powerful shipclasses (Heavy Cruisers) and the most powerful ones.
            For example, the German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen had around 18.000 tons in tonnage, but the next bigger ship, Battlecruiser Scharnhorst, had already 38.000 tons.

            Classifications are also rather inconsistent anyways as the Malevolence of the CIS is called a Subjugator-class “Heavy Cruiser” when it is with 4.8km bigger than the already mentioned Praetor MkI which is classified as a Battlecruiser.
            For all intents and purposes, the Malevolence should actually be classified as a Battlecruiser too if not even as a Star Dreadnought due to its immense firepower.
            Not to mention George Lucas himself called Grievous’ Invisible Hand, and thus the Providence-class, a Star Destroyer as well.

  8. Alan

    Man your work is awesome, any chance of making the Executor Star destroyer or Death Star

  9. Anonymous

    man, your work is awesome, any chance of making the Executor Star Destroyer or Death Star?

  10. Brad Knowles

    I’m wondering what some of these weapons are. On the port and starboard sides of the forward section, there appear to be two pair of over/under mounted twin light turbolasers in what might be “point defense” positions. But turbolasers supposedly aren’t that effective against fighters, and I would expect to see quad light laser cannons here instead.

    In the larger blisters on the port and starboard sides side, it appears that there are three forward-pointing giant cannons of some type, but I can’t tell if they are large turbolasers or maybe ion cannons? And then the mostly aft-oriented quads might be medium turbolasers?

    Are there any other weapons on this ship that I’m missing?

    Also, on the ventral side of the forward section, there are what appear to be fourteen cylindrical-shaped objects that are canted aft at about a 45 degree angle — are these escape pods?

    • gorkmalork

      I asked FS similar questions a couple work-in-progress pages back, so maybe this’ll help.
      Big single blister guns: Impstar II-caliber heavy turbolasers (each one=a single barrel on the ISD’s octuple turrets)
      Quad blister guns: Acclamator-yield medium turbos
      Tiny dual guns: light turbos (our host gives ’em a little more anti-snub credit than some games & novels indicate)
      Ventral cylinders: anti-capital missile battery
      That last one’s an addition with the in-universe logic of Imps retrofitting their Dreadnaught surplus for firepower approaching a Victory-class destroyer’s.

    • Anditesh Ordo

      that would be a awesome experience to see Fractalsponge’s work rotate around.

      • gorkmalork

        Dunno if that’s gonna happen outside another commission; our esteemed host seems neutral at best when it comes to early-EU “bar with a couple bumps & thick ends” ship designs. Can’t say I really blame FS, given the aesthetic appeal of Kuat’s doomwedges.

  11. Sean

    I love the fact that the Vindicator has the exact same guns as a Dreadnaught, seeing as they’re both 600 meter escorts XD

    what’s your next project gonna be? I’d be rooting for an Immobilizer 418, an Acclamator (I or II), a Venator, or an Arquitens, though I’d also absolutely love to see more hovertanks or walkers. Perhaps an APC of some sorts?

  12. Daniel Shenise

    Looks good, best representation of the Dreadnaught I’ve seen. Still question that 3rd blister location (starting from the bow, the one with the medium TL’s). It’ll always look crowded to me. But I do like it, not as much as your original creations, but still an excellent job. The little light twin TL or laser cannon positions are nice addition and flesh it out a lot.

  13. Mynock

    And where would you say the bridge/command center is? I know in the EU it wasn’t supposed to be as ‘exposed’ as the more traditional craft.

  14. Mynock

    As always, brilliant work – How many fighters/small craft would this ship be carrying? Also, what’re the dimensions of the Dreadnaught?

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s about 600m long. Fighters – probably a squadron of TIE/ln and a few small shuttles and such. Very little space for hangars overall.

  15. gorkmalork

    Much as this particular EU (re)creation likely gave you some migraines, the result’s one damned impressive example of streamlining & adding functionality to a somewhat underdeveloped ship design. Thanks are also due for this ample array of perspective shots.

  16. Chris

    Any way we could get an animation showing the field of fire for the cannons??

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