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  1. Ben4321

    EXECUTOR Is garbage, gives enough of it, but from the Eclipse, on the other hand, there is NO SINGLE sensible picture! That would be great

    • gorkmalork

      Funny thing is, they serve about the same meta-thematic purpose: bus the Sith Boss around, look scary, go boom (twice in Eclipse’s case). If you’ve ever cracked open Dark Horse Comics’ Empire’s End, Eclipse II’s demise is especially hilarious.

  2. Chris

    Is the Gladiator something we can look forward to in the not too distant future???

  3. Anonymous

    I know it sounds daunting, but do you think you could do the Eclipse or re-do the Executor?

    • Chandler

      I don’t think there has been an Executor yet, only an Assertor class in that kind of catogory. An Executor would still be pretty cool though.

      • Yularen

        I second the motion of an Executor or Eclipse. We need a detailed model of those beasts.

      • gorkmalork

        I recall seeing a moderately-detailed Executor render waaaaay back in FS’ “Something big” thread on the stardestroyer.net board. Apparently it was actually used in a Family Guy(R) ROTJ parody.

        • Fractalsponge

          Yeah, that’s so old and inaccurate I try not to show it much any more :P. But yes, they did swipe it from scifi3d for the Family Guy episode. It’s very distinctive(ly bad) :D.

          • Chandler

            Yh, would be amazing if you could redo the Executor would really fit in with the other large capital ships on the page.

          • gorkmalork

            No royalties from MacFarlane’s neck of the woods, huh? There oughta be some serious reforms re: that sort of blatant resource-snitchery. As for inaccuracy, only major gaffe I can recall was the command tower’s height. I’d join the ‘redo plz’ chorus, but that wouldn’t be remotely fair without the funds to properly compensate.

  4. gorkmalork

    Again, those are some good-looking projector/scanner domes. Slightly silly question: are those windows 1 story apiece or 2-3?

  5. Astro1derboy

    Stunning, as usual! What kind of material setup do you use? Is it a procedural base with a cavity-mask-driven dirt and/or ao layer? These are just beautifully done. Keep up the great work!

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