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      • gorkmalork

        That storm commando carrier does have some serious aesthetic advantage, though both designs seem patently dinky next to FS’ Impellor class. Granted, that thing’s big & densely-hangared enough to literally carry both flavors of (much) lighter carrier.

        • Chris

          Both of these are more akin to the Quasar Fire Carrier that the Spectres and Cham’s crew stole from the Empire as opposed to a battleship/carrier combo.

          • gorkmalork

            By the Rebellion’s accustomed sense of scale, you’re not wrong, though the Impellor still strikes me as a dedicated carrier-it’s just one with the bulk & accompanying reactor output to mount destroyer (or MC80)-discouraging firepower.

  1. Maphisto86

    Good job making the old Victory class more aesthetically pleasing while keeping some of the greebles . It also makes the command tower look more like an evolution of the Clone Wars era warships.

  2. Daniel Shenise

    Loving it. Still think the wings should extend back so they end on the same plane as the main hull though. At least the lower ones. I just think form-wise it’ll look best and I’m throwing it out there before you start adding the greebling to them. Otherwise I think you’ve achieved the “not a starved ISD” goal.

    • Daniel Shenise

      Another quick comment, excellent choice going with the 4 quad batteries along the superstructure. This NICELY ties in the 4 quad batteries in the same position with the Acclamator.

  3. Chris

    Is this going to have bridge viewports like on Venators and Imperators…..or will the bridge be recessed into the tower without being able to see out??

  4. Astro1derboy

    Again I will say, I LOVE seeing these in-progress images! Outstanding to watch your projects come together. Because of their enormous size, and the time it takes to assemble these birds, it almost feels as though they’re really being constructed in an orbiting dock overhead. Great work! 🙂

  5. gorkmalork

    Axial heavies & a couple rows of medium quads. That superstructure’s starting to shape up very nicely.

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