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  1. Joel Szasz

    Burning homestead? Try burning floating city! At least it was repaired, in time to later be taken over by the Empire Remnant (who were then kicked out by Kyle Katarn)!

    • gorkmalork

      Visually, to be sure, though I recall no small number of fanartists figuring “Eh, if Vicstars can do it, so can Imp-Deuces,” if they cared to check at all. You’d still think Executor would’ve been able to smoke this facility immediately after the Falcon’s escape (barring planetary rotation, which *might* buy Lando’s people an extra minute), but perhaps Vader wasn’t in *that* bloody-minded a mood. As for what these Impstars are doing (besides a neat shot)…singling out VIP escapees to tractor/ionize?

        • gorkmalork

          Good point-come to think of it, I spend enough time browsing industry artists with SW pieces on DeviantArt that most of the pics I recall might’ve been Lucasarts-approved in the first place. And honestly, after Lusankya’s liftoff from Coruscant in the X-Wing series, that whole “Victories on the upper end” atmospheric limit did seem rather arbitrary.

          • Chris

            Lusyanka has a carriage of anti grav devices…and the official story was Vis could do upper atmosphere…Then the prequels came and Acclamators and Venators were landing on planets and in Rebels we see ImpStars actually cruising over cities.

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