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  1. gorkmalork

    Ah, Endor-style pointblank maulings: slightly overdone for the sake of lay audiences, but oh so visually visceral. I take it this is a Liberty-class/MC80a passing the Impstar bow-on? Digging (a) the look at your Mon Cal turret-blister mounts on a model and (b) most of the visible tracer clearly corresponding to emplacements.

    • Eric Otness

      That reminds me of the ROTJ novelization where it was mentioned that broadside battles were practically unheard of, resulting in a significant amount of chaos even ignoring the fact that the broadside battles were essentially intended by the Rebels to act as, for lack of a better term, human shields against the Death Star II’s superlaser.

      • gorkmalork

        Yeah, that novelization expanded on the Death Star II battle in ways I wouldn’t have minded as an addition to some Special Edition(C) or another, more’s the pity. I’ve also read some conjecture about Mon Cal ships being optimized for unloading from either flank, as opposed to Imperial ‘dagger’ designs’ frontal arcs-just not usually at what amounts to spitting distance. Come to think of it, a substantial chunk of Endor’s chaos might’ve stemmed from (a) Rebel heavies glomming onto Impstars with tractor beams and (b) big ships (i.e. not corvettes or Nebulon-Bs) winding up too close for safe main-gun use, with a lot of jockeying for the fight’s fringes.

  2. King of Alsakan

    That is gorgeous, I sure would have voted for you. That Imperial task force image I commissioned is my permanent desktop and cell phone wallpaper.

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