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  1. Wonderful work! Have you already got a missile model? It would be great to see it being launched

  2. Weren’t these supposed to be wings, not silos? I remember reading somewhere that they were for when entering atmospheres to assist in lift / navigation (I know that sounds absurd if you have anti grav). I hope I’m wrong because having a huge battery of missiles on the broadside would be awesome to think of!

    • Fractalsponge

      It does sound absurd. The shape isn’t an airfoil. At best they would have repulsorlift inside.

      • Thanks for not being offended. Your work is absolutely amazing. I do love the thought of an anime style salvo of missiles just pouring out of both sides of the ship towards a target!

  3. So, what are those needle-like things? That’s what is bugging me….

  4. *VSD opens panels to reveal all those missile launchers* Surprise, muthafucka…

  5. O-oh.


  6. I like the way the lower offset is different than the upper along the leading edge.

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