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  1. Commander Klank

    I’m so digging the turret layout. I’m going to mod one of my SW Armada Victory SDs models to represent a Mk3 vesion.

  2. Arbite

    An interesting choice to go with a wider, flatter command instead of the Viccy’s iconic Three-ball, with the protruding bridge face. And the slopes on the Ziggauraut set are giving me vertigo, but maybe I’m just used to the less steeply angled (Well, depending on the filming model) “steps” of the ISD.

    • Fractalsponge

      Eh? I didn’t even know about the third dome until reading this. I mean, I really don’t like the Essential Guide profile view, so there’s that, but other depictions don’t have it at all. The only thing iconic about the tower is the protruding bridge face, in my view.

  3. Emperor Niko

    Will this be just your version of the Vic1 or will it also get Ion Cannons and become a fusion of the Vic1 and 2?

    • gorkmalork

      Based on some stardestroyer.net thread discussion, ‘his’ Vic-Deuce might swap out the missile batteries for a pair of brim-trench heavy ions & much-improved acceleration.

  4. gejemica

    I like that it gets a 6-gun broadside compared to the Venator’s 4 despite only having one heavy turret more.

  5. gorkmalork

    Hey, trash-disposal port. Also digging the way that aft view highlights the Vic’s surprisingly shallow keel.

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