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  1. What’s the difference in roles between this and say a Kontos? What about a Vigil-class?

    • Fractalsponge

      Kontos is a general purpose ship. Less acceleration, but much better armed (and much bigger), with 2-3 fighter squadrons and a battalion of troops. This ship has very minimal carried craft, and maybe a company of troops with almost no vehicles – all shipborne duties. This frigate is more for fleet scouting roles, and as hunters on detached service. Just about the smallest type of ship to be able to take a heavy turbolaser shot and still be intact enough to run.

  2. Pls give us more models to cheer us up while America goes to hell

  3. gorkmalork

    Ah, one lower-lateral hangar deck, paired point-defense sponsons & what seems to be a respectable alpha arc for the MTLs. Still love those lower-profile scanner domes.

  4. Still trying to take in the proportions on those lateral protrusions at the stern.

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