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  1. Xeno

    What would be interesting would be a “Missile Frigate” variant on this hull, replacing the hangar or turbolasers with ~ a dozen Victory-grade capital-killers, similar to a modern day fast attack craft (such as the Osa-class Missile Boat).

    • Fractalsponge

      Yeah in theory almost anything can do this with the right ordnance. Whether it’d be more efficient than a proper warship using beam weapons is debatable. Missiles give you disproportionate power but only once, and they can be shot down. A ship that is just missiles is largely useless after that single shot, and is not very useful for anything other than killing ships. Turbolasers require a lot of “ship” under them to work, but do not need replenishment and can keep firing and be used for many tasks. Basically I think the question is one of balancing manpower versus materiel versus what you actually need to do. Missile ships are very specialized and as such “sink” manpower and equipment in any other role besides their niche role in fleet action.

      • gorkmalork

        I might add that barring interdictor support, long or even medium-range missile volleys are by no means guaranteed to catch a vulnerable target before it makes an emergency lightspeed jump. Energy weapons, while they’re somewhat hampered by line-of-sight demands, are rather harder to outrun. Offhand, Victory-plus-scale missile batteries might be better-suited to defensive deployments & platforms like the Golan series than active ‘hunter’ fleet groups, unless you’re fielding ships heavy enough for both options.

  2. Xeno

    interesting…all that’s left is the engines! I’d like a comparison between this and your other escort classes, please.

    • Fractalsponge

      Also got ventral hull surface and the prow. Ventral side is mostly panels, but I do want to make the prow more complex than the placeholder shape right now.

  3. Average Admirer

    I would love to see a size comparison between this and a few of your other frigates/cruisers like the Kontos when this is done. I am still struggling to understand the scale a bit, through no fault of your own of course.

  4. Daniel Shenise

    Coming together nicely. It’s really attractive from those higher angles. Though I’m not a fan of the lower dbl turbo laser position on the outboard wings. I know there’s a practical reason for it, but aesthetically it seems off. Any chance you’d consider leaving the hanger opening open and modeling out the hanger interior?

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