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  1. Adm. Drakkmar

    Are the three turrets on the bow Medium Turbolasers?

    • gorkmalork

      Seems a good bet-the superstructure turrets would be this ship’s mains, and they’re much beefier.

  2. I still feel dizzy looking at the middle “Steps” part of the dorsal hull. The angles are practically lovecraftian.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that hangar bay the same design as the one on the Interdictor Star Destroyer? It seems like the same shape and layout.

  4. Very nice, admiral! Keep it up!

    Any plans for star galleon updates?

    • While waiting for the Star Galleon update you can re-check your previous request for more models in the
      Light Frigate WIP #2 thread – I have done some modeling of my own (not the same size of ships as these and not the same quality of design, but hey… it’s Star Wars).

  5. 👍. Still wish the wings ran further aft though and lined up on the same plane as the end of the main hull. Otherwise, it’s the best representation I’ve seen of the Victory. By far.

  6. Just curious is that hangar large enough for a corvette, or something the size of a consular class cruiser, to dock within it?

    • Fractalsponge

      Consular can dock. Can’t really fit a Corellian Corvette. Some symmetry there – the clone wars destroyer can dock the prequel corvette design just like the ISD can dock the original trilogy corvette.

      • Incidentally, I gotta scratch my head at the SD.net comments re: said bay’s vulnerability; if anything, it’s proportionally lower-profile than either mark of Impstar’s main deck.

  7. Twin MTL prow mounts, a neatly-proportioned hangar cutout, and views that further highlight this Vic-1 take’s frontal-profile distinction from its Impstar brethren. Spiffy.

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