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  1. Stormhereld

    Great model ,why did you stop working on the Harrower class ,you did a awesome job on the first pic ,but there’s no rear or underside pics.

  2. Michael

    Wow! Just found this site a day or two ago. Simply amazing. The level of detail put into this artwork is unreal. I must admit I’m curious, though. Why only Imperial ships? Not a fan of the Alliance/New Republic ships? I did notice the Nebula and Endurance, though admittedly they’re the most “Imperial styled” NR ships. Not complaining at all, though.

    • Xeno

      Curves might be harder to do, and Imperial ships just look better, IMO. I think Ansel feels the same – IDK, though.

      • gorkmalork

        Plus, besides various Mon Cal designs, most of the Alliance’s capital craft are ex-Imperial & even CIS anyway. Cripes, the heaviest NR ships in use during the now-unofficial New Jedi Order/Vong War era were a pair of captured Executors (Guardian & Lusankya).

        • Michael

          I’ll concede that. It’s not as if they don’t have ships though. There are more than a few interesting and iconic ships associated with The Alliance and NR. Mon Cals, Nebulon-B’s (and yes I know they were originally Imperial ships), Viscounts, Bothan Assault Cruisers, CR90’s, Quasar Fires, plus a large collection of snubfighters.

          • gorkmalork

            True enough re: more NR-affiliated systems contributing to the fleet later on, though never quite to the same level as Ackbar’s people. Makes you wonder just where & how they socked away sufficient shipyard space to refit & crank out cruisers after openly flouting the Empire. Automated ex-CIS facilities, perhaps? At any rate, that necessity-driven variety’s one reason I maintain a soft spot for the pre-Episode 7 Alliance. Who else lets you visualize a star dreadnought with an MC80 support screen?

    • Xeno

      Fractal, I want to call this baby the Legator-class Light Frigate. Or the Auxilia-class, but that breaks the -tor naming convention.

  3. RhysT

    I can’t put my finger on why really, but I kinda wish the upper hull sorta…overhung, or overshadowed the lower hull. I wish I could tell you why, it’s just a good image in my head. That aside, I like the design. Thats seems like a lot of guns for such a small ship. Then again, with SPACE MAGIC power sources you can basically do anything you want right?

    • gorkmalork

      Just for reference, this puppy’s apparently a bit longer than a Nebulon-B, albeit with rather more evenly-distributed volume, and trades most of that space’s fighter/shuttle/troop-carriage potential for thrust & reactor power. And according to the last bit of fluff-text I read, Nebulons pack about two dozen guns & the same number of alphabet fighters…somewhere.

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