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  1. gorkmalork

    Between the fresh greebling coat, extra ventral aft plating and those nifty ion ball-turrets, that X-wing fuselage resemblance seems appreciably muted. Also digging this little nipper’s fields of fire to the rear-it honestly seems toothy enough to fend off most Rebel ambushes that didn’t bring at least one small Mon Cal (say, MC30 or -40; -80 & bigger would be bad news).

    As for that sidebar on SDN re: the Vengeance & Executor designs…Sithspit, at least the latter had a half-dozen-plus Impstars’ worth of ventral tonnage between the ginormous hangar & comparably massive engine blocks. Vengeance just looks like someone laid down eight miles of dorsal hull, welded on some nacelles & called it a day.

  2. jonathan

    I don’t really dig the super overly large engines. I’d reduce them just a little bit, but hey, the rest looks great.

    • Spectator

      I thought that too, especially because Fractal is always talking about reactor outputs and with the engines the size that they are there doesn’t seem to be much room for a reactor big enough to power them.

      Still, I am sure fractal has a better idea than I about how it all fits together.

      • Fractalsponge

        I think reactor power required for full thrust is actually a relatively small part of total power compared to weapons and shields. Otherwise, the implied mass of ships would make some canon interactions with planets impossibly mild in effects (i.e. Core ship hitting ground in AOTC, star destroyers crashing and leaving a relatively intact looking surface in TFA). So, high acceleration is relatively “easy” to achieve as long as it is for unprotected (light) structure. Once you add armor, shielding, and bracing required for teraton-level recoil, that’s when acceleration is hard to get design wise.

        • Roguespirit

          Added to that, if you compare the engines on this ship to the engine block on a CR90 Corvette, they don’t seem so absurdly oversized.

          Engines are something I’ve always had a hard time modeling and looking good. I always get hung up on the small details.

          Really liking this design overall.

  3. RhysT

    Ah. That aft section is almost cowling for the engines then? Interesting. I think that helps quite a bit actually.

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