Cruiser WIP

This is something I blocked out a long time ago: a cruiser/battlecruiser design pair for the Impellor-class carrier. I’m envisioning the carrier as a variant of a full 4.3km dagger ship. The engines are designed to move that ship along at a good pace, but the carrier version cuts away a secondary reactor, about a third of the hull by volume, a good section of superstructure, and a fair chunk of guns, but keeps the engines, which makes the carrier very agile, which is good for a ship that needs to be able to stay out of melee. The combat version retains the main reactor, producing ~5.5x ISD power, and adds (or retains rather) a secondary reactor complex where the forward mandible hangar bays would be for the carrier variant that adds another ~2.5x ISD power. That’s adding up to ~8x ISD power, so roughly 8e25W. cruiser5 cruiser6 cruiser1 cruiser2 cruiser3 cruiser4

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  1. Andrew F

    amazing work as usual man, id love to see some lore about these ships and their stats too.

  2. Michael

    Ooooo sexy. Looks like a mix of a Praetor Mark II and an Asserter. Love the cutout on the lower portion of the bow.

  3. Xeno


    looks great. However, you’ve got the Star Galleon, Victory, and Light Frigate to finish. Are you going to continue working on those, admiral?

    Also, what do you think you want to name it? Legator-class? Pugnator-class?

    • RhysT

      Some of his works are actually commissions. So it’s possible part of the delay lies there. Also, you really can’t force art. Sometimes you have to work on what you want to, rather than what’s already in the works. Legator sounds cool though!

      • Xeno

        I know. Frankly, I’m amazed that he’s able to do this at all, and I shouldn’t try to rush him or anything, I’m just trying to make sure that he will, at some point, finish them. I love them so much!

    • Fractalsponge

      2 of those 3 are already done but just not posted yet 🙂

      Names…hm, was thinking maybe Compellor, but Legator does sound pretty cool. Might save that one for a battleship (sounds good for a flagship).

      • Xeno

        A battleship? ooh, are we getting even more capital ships? fun!

        Can we have an intermediate class, something between the 15-km Assertors and the 7.4-km Bellators?

        *mandator now pls*

        Or could we have something like a Resurgent-class, but intelligently designed and looking cool?

        *fanboy-idis sets in*

        • gorkmalork

          Dunno if our esteemed host is in any state for tackling another top-end murderslab, but I’ve started to wonder whether Concept-Sketch Battleship #2 on Saxton’s chart might be a fair fit for the Mandator: Praetor II-comparable hull plan & non-KDY bridge module, dorsal superstructure not unlike Executor’s. Come to think of it, has anyone, anywhere, ever taken a crack at illustrating the now-retconned Imperial Remnant’s Megador class?

          • Fractalsponge

            Mandator is unequivocally a KDY product, and so will follow the bellator/assertor design lineage, and have a normal hex module. Anon2 must be something else.

            Megador does not exist, to my knowledge. Before the nuCanon there were plans for me to make one for a SW magazine article, but that’s all dropped off with the Disney acquisition of LFL and the EU becoming Legends.

          • gorkmalork

            Shame about the magazine gig, then. I suppose the March of Mouse has rendered any Remnant-era ships about as ‘official’ as Mon Cal Viscount battlewagons or Bothan assault ‘cruisers’. In other words, lotsa luck until/unless some hobbyist feels like kludging ’em into their game mod.

            As for #2, suppose that one might make more sense topping off the Corellian home fleet’s OOB, possibly during & a smidgen after the Republic/Empire switchover. Pipe dream though it may be, I’d love to see one of those concept-sketch heavies get some screentime on Rebels or one of the app-games.

          • Xeno

            I mean, it looks pretty weird. I’ve seen the concept art but the bridge is just…wonky.

          • gorkmalork

            Does seem set rather forward for a superheavy ship, assuming that pointy upper-tip region isn’t something else. In-universe, I suppose hull-conforming command modules have their advantages, though setting ’em further back along the spine seems prudent.

  4. gorkmalork

    Beastly-looking axial battery strip, what strikes me as plenty of retained proportional hangar space, and a lower-bow cutout that actually doesn’t look half-bad (as opposed to a certain Ep 7 ship’s reverse condition). Can’t help thinking the upper fantail’s tip could blend better with those two prior segments, but that’s just subjective aesthetics. Plus, so long as we absolutely *must* pair scanner domes with shield projectors it never hurts to slap on an extra pair or four.

    • Fractalsponge

      Local shield projectors. Main shield projectors would be interior, under armor.

      • gorkmalork

        Ah, so you figure the scanner-dome projectors are a secondary system for extra crucial-component coverage in the first place? That’s one way to reconcile both their much-fanwanked vulnerability (never mind that you’d have to at least *compromise* a ship’s shielding to threaten ’em) & absence in most non-KDY designs.

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