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  1. Anonymous

    Those two ball turrets are they ion cannons or turbolasers?

  2. I’d hate to be the Rebel that looks out my viewport and sees image #8 bearing down on me.

  3. I know that your Crusader Corvette and Upgraded Dreadnaught designs got uploaded to Mel Miniatures for 3D printing, will this ship also be made available this way? I’d love to be able to get maybe a pair of these 3D Printed.

  4. Really beautiful work!!!
    But where is the top view of the Velox-class, you have the front, back, port, starboard and the back, but the top view is missing!

  5. This is the sort of thing every X-Wing player wants to see.

    Speaking of frigates, will you ever do a Pelta?

  6. gorkmalork

    Trim, punchy little bastard-the size of that central nozzle makes me wonder how this thing compares with an Indictor for thrust.

  7. Anditesh Ordo

    I know this is a off the wall topic. What is the costs of running a website like this? Just getting some Ideas.

  8. I love seeing all the work you do on these ships.

    Do you allow people to use them for custom ship designs in games that they are made for?

  9. Daniel Titley

    What is the smallest ship in that line-up?

  10. Where are the rear guns for the Kontos? They disappeared!

  11. Nice! A solid escort design!

  12. Excellent! Love when you do reference comparisons of different ships too.

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