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  1. Norsehound

    Very close in overlap to the TIE Phantom, I’m afraid to say. Between the trilateral single-wings and the dual cockpit pod, it’s a relation of some kind. Either a trainer, a prototype, a precursor (V38?), or a knockoff.

    Trilateral symmetry is very nice though. Let’s see where this goes.

    • Fractalsponge

      Not a Phantom as in doesn’t have a cloaking device. There’s not much else to distinguish the Phantom from the V-38, from what I’ve seen.

  2. Michael

    Nice! I like the capital ships, but the starfighters are always my favorite. Love to see more TIE variants or especially some alphabet fighters.

  3. jonathan

    Hmmm. Id say its a two seater cockpit. Maybe a trainer? that would be nice to see.

    • jonathan

      I mean its obviously like the Phantom (v-38) but I figured he’d just say Phantom instead of “variant”

      • Fractalsponge

        Not Phantom – it is a two seater cockpit, from the Scimitar. Could do as a trainer, but I’m thinking more long range TIE-series strike fighter, gun heavy, no missiles.

        • gorkmalork

          Ah, so perhaps a trio of wingtip ions might be in the offing. ‘TIE Cutlass’ seem like a halfway-fitting title?

      • Norsehound

        TIE Striker isn’t so bad. It’s the simplest design for an atmospheric fighter variant TIE with an elongated cockpit pod for more power. I accept it as the Imperial Army version of an air superiority fighter with the capability of chasing fleeing targets into space. There probably weren’t that many of them compared to the stamped out TIE/LN, but it makes for an interesting variant.

        Let’s face it, next to some ill-designed eyesores like the TIE Oppressor, the Striker is succinct and elegant by comparison.

        • gorkmalork

          Dunno about ‘simplest,’ but it is nice to see another pointy-winged OT-era TIE after Ep 7’s design team trotted out jigsaw X-wings, a TIE/ln repaint and…another TIE/ln repaint with rotator cuffs & a heinously cramped rear gunner. With duds like that for comparison, I’m down to wait & see how this atmo-TIE shakes out onscreen.

      • someone

        how about the new hover tank, the at-act, the cargo ship, that triangle shuttle thing and the shield gate?

      • Anonymous

        So why do you hate the TIE striker from rogue one then Fractal?

        • Fractalsponge

          I think it’s a little uninspired. The execution of the model was fine. And as much as I think the idea is a little silly, the troop transport Striker variant was a bit cool looking.

          • Anonymous

            Ah ok then and what part of it was it uninspired to you then? Also I do like the TIE Striker design as well but I’m not sure about the name though. I would have call it the TIE Speeder IMHO since it is faster than the TIE fighter and they mostly work inatmosphere and not space so they kind of similar to the Rebel’s air speeder.
            By away the troop transport striker variant you find cool looking is called the TIE Reaper.

  4. gorkmalork

    Assuming this is the Phantom (or its non-cloak-capable sibling), I’m digging the Scimitar-style cockpit fix & built-up fuselage space ala your TIE Defender revision. Would those smaller ‘barrels’ near the big lasers be targeting sensors or lighter guns (ala early-model Z-95 ‘autoblasters’)?

    • gorkmalork

      That reminds me: back in late ’99, I recall spying this X-wing game cover with a triple-winged TIE variant that was never named anywhere on the packaging, but certainly wasn’t the Phantom. For one thing, the ‘solar panels’ were shorter (though still triangular) & aligned vertically (top) + paired diagonally outward-not unlike the Lambda shuttle. Starting to seriously wonder whether Stackpole had that ship in mind when describing the “Tri-fighter”.

      • gorkmalork

        Welp, massively belated update on the game-cover TIE mystery: just stumbled across said game in a discount media shop, and frak all was my memory off-base. Turns out said game was Rebel Assault II, and the cover TIE was basically a Phantom variant with that wacky YT freighter-style cockpit module and paired intake-lookalike pods (extra thrusters? Heavy missile launchers?) on either side of the upper mid-fuselage. Stackpole’s ‘clutches’ might’ve still been some bargain-model Phantom spinoff, but I doubt this was exactly what he had in mind.

        • gorkmalork

          Pointless mystery-TIE-which-was-actually-a-Phantom update #3: having squinted at some saved Phantom pics which featured those upper-fuselage ‘intakes’, it becomes apparent that the RAII cover renders just embellished said feature a skosh, and said render unequivocally represents a stock Phantom. Oh well.

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