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  1. Grand Admiral Declann

    Finally a support ship that can protect itself, to a minor degree. But where is the two- teraton laser?

  2. Sutehp

    Have to admit, this is a nice ship. And I especially appreciate logistical ships: no military can afford to ignore logistics if it wants to win a war.

    Just one thing: Just what is a “contentor?” Because that’s not a real word. I know because I tried to look it up and couldn’t find it in the dictionary. 😛

    • Grand Admiral Declann

      If you look at the English roots of the word, it implies that it “contents” what it is serving. In this case, it makes the ship captains content instead of worrying about running out of fuel.

  3. Jason

    I wonder how many escort ships this thing would need? It would be a big fat juicy target to destroy or capture.

    • gorkmalork

      According to our esteemed host, this puppy boasts destroyer-grade shielding & roughly medium-frigate scale guns, so any rebel strike group which somehow caught one of these alone would need at least one MC80-ballpark ship (or a comparable number of smaller vessels) to have a shot at disabling it before the crew plotted an emergency jump and/or summoned help.

      • Jayngfet

        Just an emergency jump out system may be mission accomplished. Setting back an enemy refueling by several hours and leaving a fleet vulnerable to protracted battle may be worth it.

        A viable tactic would just be to have a number of smaller ships and older fighters jump in to harass it into emergency astrogation out, then having your better ships and newer fighters take out the actual fleet left high and dry.

        • Grand Admiral Declann

          At the worst case then, the Imperial fleet procedes with fueling. In that tight of spacing, the deflector shielding will overlap, giving the fleet exponentionally tougher shielding than on their own.

  4. Anditesh Ordo

    This would be cool to see in Rebels, or another start wars movie, like 8 or 9, or even show up in the new anthologies Star Wars Stories. Would have been cool to see in Rogue One, but that time is past. A good Imperial, or even any other Faction’s Fleets. Mostly I do see this as Imperial though.

    • Maphisto86

      Well the Secutor class star destroyer, the Conquest, was mentioned in James Luceno’s ‘Tarkin’ novel. I assume the author intended it to be the same type of vessel Ansel designed. I would love to see the Secutor class, among other Hsiao’s designs, to make a visual appearance in the new canon at some point.

      • gorkmalork

        Gotta second you there. My unlikely-to-happen wishlist would include the Bellator battlecruiser at one end of the scale and Fractal’s TIE Avenger revision at the other, along with the Starwing gunboat to balance out all those jankbucket shuttle designs from R1 & Ep 7. And hey, since Rebels recently gave the Defender a non-game debut, suppose we can dream.

        • Joannes808

          Have to third both of you. Seeing either the Bellator or the Secutor in any cannon visual media would for me be a jaw dropper almost equal to the Thrawn unveiling.

          • gorkmalork

            Speaking of Thrawn, in the current writing team’s shoes I’d have been sorely tempted to give him a Bellator for flagship purposes once the Alliance stepped up its capital-craft game. Then again, I’d also be retconning the kriff outta stuff like the Katana fleet’s exact contents (those Dreadnaughts? Picket screen for a full Republic battle squadron with at least one Mandator, a dozen Praetors & roughly said heavies’ combined tonnage in Venator escorts).

  5. mr.oneshot

    Would you imagine Disney making all of Fractal’s creations Canon? Just…. WOW

  6. gorkmalork

    Even with three pairs of ginormous refueling apparatus, this puppy’s bow/aft/broadside arcs are probably better than no small number of in-universe flying rectangle designs, to say nothing of superficially similar craft from other franchises. Plus, those corvette/frigate refueling shots are kriffing BOSS.

  7. Jonathan

    you know, I like this so much as just a warship. Im imagining those folded arms as giant cannons.

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