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  1. Norsehound

    The escort carrier always had a soft spot for me in spite of how un-dramatic the design is. I also like that you’ve gone with the bigger hangar of the flight sim than the nearly unnoticeable one on the Rebellion depiction. Your design is truer to the original than some others’ I’ve seen, like Melminiature’s version for Armada.

    On your next WIP could you drop a TIE Fighter and/or DX-9 into the hangar for scale?

  2. Adam Warnock

    Nice. I like how the bridge section is sunk into the body a bit. Also digging the light guns protecting the bow hangar.

    On another note, I am dubbing this the Guppy-class, since its shape reminds me of a bait-fish. ;D

  3. Scythemouse

    Ah, the Tok Falk class Escort Carrier. I always thought this one was a bit half-assed, I’ve been working on a replacement.

    • Anditesh Ordo

      I agree with this one. Was fun to face in Rogue Squadron 3 Rebel Strike. It also looked great!

  4. Xeno

    Oooh…like a quasar fire? Or, more likely, a Ton-Falk?

    What about the Star Turd/Galleon? Did you just flush that idea away? It’s still swirling around in my thoughts…

      • gorkmalork

        Can’t help thinking this design *slightly* edges out the Galleon’s own simplistic lump factor, mainly ’cause Galleons actually have a bow/bridge section. Speaking of which, nice integration of the command modules seen on Fractal’s recent corvettes & frigates, and that initial greebling really livens this thing up.

        • Fractalsponge

          I like this box much better than the Galleon. I think for the Galleon I made a mistake of going too utilitarian – if that basic idea is relatively narrow, it works better visually, but it just didn’t make any sense to have a sleeker looking bulk transport auxiliary.

          • Norsehound

            The escort carrier’s shape makes complete sense to me because of how utilitarian it is. It’s the WWII Escort carrier of Star Wars. It doesn’t have to be anything special.. though I do like star ships with tapered tails for some reason.

          • Xeno

            Hmmm…I like the Star Galleon, purely because it’s a freighter, not a military vessel (primarily). Freighters aren’t supposed to look sleek, or even good, it’s just meant to haul cargo (or fighters or troops) and fight off pirates.

          • gorkmalork

            Yeah, I was speaking exclusively from personal aesthetics there-when it comes to spitting out a TIE swarm before going full-evasive, point for the EC. Galleon seems handy as part of the vast freighter spectrum between Lucrehulks (or larger) & the YT series.

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