Escort Carrier WIP#2

I’m not going to do a full internal configuration, but here’s a scaling shot, plus flank detail updates.

My working assumption for internal configuration and usage is that the front main portal is split – one side has 2x levels of TIE rackmount, and the other ~1/3 of the bay by width handles launches and recovery of lambda-sized shuttles. Basically most of the front 1/2 of the ship is dedicated to hangars, or workshops and barracks for crew. Within this range, the bottom hangar is full length and width, roughly. This main bay would have access via the main port forward, two flank ports (can be configured to launch TIEs, with recovery via front port), and a ventral access that can handle another set of TIE launch positions. Above the main hangar is a storage deck (behind the front detail above the main port) with elevator access to the main hangar – space up here can be used for auxiliary craft smaller than a lambda, but basically anything goes.

Blue = 36 TIE/ln and Blue/green = 36 TIE/I in 2 levels of rackmount. Green = 4x Lambda. This alone is the published complement of the ship.

For additional scale, light green = 12 StarWing, Yellow = Skipray (landed), and red = stormtrooper transport. All of what is shown (which doesn’t fully use floor area of the storage area) fits into the forward third of the ship. Middle third internal volume is still totally open.

esc11 esc9 esc10

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  1. Astro1derboy

    Holy crap! This is just astounding! I also visit this site daily . . . and, wow, what a great source of inspiration and knowledge!! Great, great work!! 🙂

  2. Adam Warnock

    Huh, I figured that the side doors would have been bigger. Out of curiosity, do you imagine these ships as serving in multiple capacities, such as a cheaper alternative to ISDs for landing on low-priority/lightly defended worlds in addition to its role as an escort?

  3. Livewire

    Great work once again!!, amazing the level of detail that goes into some of your work. Are you going to try doing craft such as a Venator (technically an Imp ship) or maybe an Executor or Aclammator?

    Please excuse the murdered spelling. Any original designs that you make should be submitted for canon in my opinion!

    • Anditesh Ordo

      I agree with these for sure. There are plenty of Star Wars ships he could do. We will get them when he gets to them I guess, lol!. Would even love to see some more Old Republic Ships as well.

  4. Anonymous

    So 36 TIE/LNs, 36 TIE/INs, 3 Skipray Blastboats, 6 Stormtrooper Transports, 12 Starwings?

    Sounds nice, but why both Blastboats and Starwings? They both seem very similar in function. And Blastboats take up much more room…why not TIE Bombers?

    For middle third, perhaps add 2-4 of your heavier Chi-class Dropships. You know, the juggernaut-carrying ones. Or make it like the IJN Shinano, a Yamato-class Battleship made into a massive 65,000-ton carrier instead. She carried only 42 aircraft in her air wing, but actually functioned as sort of a replenishment craft, carrying 120 aircraft to replace losses sustained by other carriers during battles. So perhaps have the middle carry replacement fighters, ones that aren’t immediately launchable but can serve as replacement?

    Actually, that would be a cool idea for the Star Turd, but I digress.

    Keep it up, Admiral! I check up on the sight every day, looking for new goodies to make me squeal with joy.

    • gorkmalork

      Fractal seems to be positing some of the larger shuttles/gunboats as *potential* carried craft, not a widely-standardized complement. Given the Skipray’s speed & defensive capability, I could see them as a pricier but survivable alternative to TIE/sa (at least ’till fleet procurement finally hooks you up with Scimitars).

    • johnchm10

      StarWings and Skiprays serve different purposes.
      Skipray Blastboats are basically like Torpedo Boats, which is to say that they can be used to take on craft far larger than themselves, such as Cruisers, what with their Heavy Ion Cannons, but are somewhat limited in terms of what else they can do.
      StarWings are Long Range Fighter-Bombers/Heavy Fighters/Assault Fighters/Light Bombers, similar to the P-38 Lightning and DeHaveland (forgive the misspelling) Mosquito. They can be used to take on Light Capital Ships such as Corvettes and lighter Frigates, while also having the ability to tangle with enemy fighters.

    • Fractalsponge

      Chi is way too large to fit inside this ship comfortably.

      The layout is just a volume demonstration. Max stowage would be easily double what is shown, but would cost space for things like repair shops, etc. I think there would be several configurations possible. If a fleet auxiliary, dump all the shuttles and transports, go all fighter with 3x wings. If sector patrol or convoy escort, basically the shown configuration with 1 wing fighters, plus larger patrol craft like starwing and blastboat. Replace Lambda with Escort Shuttle. That configuration would leave space for the ship and complement to be almost self-supporting, minimizing downtime, and be flexible enough to handle many situations, at least in the sticks (Outer Rim).

      Middle section would be directly linked to the forward bays, so it’s one giant space. Replacements would be in the upper deck areas without their own direct access to space.

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