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  1. Anditesh Ordo

    Awesome job!! I always wondered why the empire had most of their ships having the shield generator exposed instead of inside the ship. Unless the Coldness of space kept the Shield Generator cool and not over heat. Not sure the reason.

      • Anditesh Ordo

        oh thats a sensor globe. Guess I am used to the Star Destroyer with its shield generators at the top, which I think those are what they are for the Star Destroyer. I may have to read up more about which parts are what on ships.

        • Fractalsponge

          Think of it this way – if it is a shield generator, why
          a) is it only on top of the ship?
          b) can you shoot it to drop the shield? Don’t you have to drop the shield to shoot the thing projecting the shield?

        • mr.oneshot

          As far as I know, the domes on the ISD bridge contain sensors and shield generators, but only for the bridge.

  2. Xeno

    It’s coming along quite quickly! Cheers!

    is this our christmas present? Or is that that model of the executor you’ve been hiding =P

    • gorkmalork

      Ooh, scanner dome & bridge viewport terraces. Any particular function for those partly-recessed cubes amidships?

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