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  1. McRantin

    Do you have a greebles library that you pull from or are they unique to each ship and create them as you go along?

    • Fractalsponge

      I have a large library and supplement as needed. Some projects require a lot more custom work than others. Obviously film vehicles are custom everything and thus take much longer to do.

  2. Dyson AirBlade

    I absolutely love how you focus on ships of the line instead of fighters and such. Fleet muscle is relatively rare compared to smaller ships, and your visualizations of these ships gives me the same naval feeling that I get when I watch the more recent Star Trek shows.

    When you’re done with this model, do you think you can show it with your TIE/ln or Delta-class escort shuttle for scale?

    • Fractalsponge

      I hate detailing compound curves like in Mon Cals. I maybe 25% did an MC90, but it’s just too painful to deal with. If someone pays me for one, I’ll do one 🙂 That’s were it stands right now – my art time is too valuable to me to be doing painful stuff without compensation.

      A small Corellian ship though may well be on the cards. Just haven’t decided what kind of Corellian ship yet.

      • gorkmalork

        More than fair enough re: maddening projects & compensation, especially considering your standard of detail. At some point I hope for an official revision about just *which* ROTJ ship model constitutes a ‘stock’ MC80 (Ackbar’s flagship, for one, deserves its own category), but that’s another story.

        As for Corellian products, I’ve found myself liking the look of Evillejedi’s frigates & destroyers for the ‘Warlords’ game mod, though dunno how well the ‘tube with engine block & cylinder bridge’ aesthetic scales up from corvettes in your book.

        • Xeno

          MC75, MC80A, MC80B, MC80 Liberty, MK80 Home One, MC90

          each ship is different within it’s class

          • gorkmalork

            Well & good re: the MC75 with its distinctive ventral bridge pylon, and ditto for the winged & wingless MC80 variants, but ROTJ’s sundry split-second glimpses of Home One & its siblings seem to indicate a much larger, structurally-divergent ship (especially given its top-plus-bottom thruster layout, flank hangars & sensor pods). Sorely tempted to label it MC83 or something until an official source chimes in.

          • gorkmalork

            Ah, a fan splinter-wiki. Designation works for me, though I’m not sold on the prospect of ships that big as insurmountable maintenance sinks for the Alliance. IMHO, Endor makes more sense if the entire ‘Home One’ class were multi-km. beasts along those lines or bigger. Probably took some serious time & effort to secretly refit those Mon Cal liners, but this is a setting where TradeFed robber barons field armed freighters several times your average star destroyer’s tonnage.

          • Chris

            My question would be why is CEC doing the work on a Mon Cal ship and not a Mon Cal shipyard??

          • gorkmalork

            Good question. Perhaps by the time Endor decapitated the Empire & sundry sector fleets started chewing each other apart for this or that rogue moff, CEC might have absorbed enough Alliance-sympathetic personnel for some quick & dirty blueprint swapping with the Mon Cals. ‘Sides, it’s still hard to say just WHAT state Mon Cal’s original infrastructure was left in during the Empire’s peak; for all we know their fleet had to be assembled piecemeal at a bunch of secret Outer Rim depots with, I dunno, automated ex-CIS shops.
            [/wildly speculative tangent]

      • Daniel Shenise

        I recently was asked to design up a twisting and turning ribbon for an event, maintaining the same width throughout. I nearly lost my mind. So I totally understand the level of frustration with compound curves.

  3. Anditesh Ordo

    Will you ever put up a list of ships you plan on working on, as well as put up a vote for the next few ships you do? Or is it just you choose what ship you feel like working on? Just curious.

    Also awesome job by the way with this escort carrier!

    • Fractalsponge

      More armament faces aft, because ideally, the ship would point hangars away from fire, and be running away from ship-to-ship combat.

      • gorkmalork

        ‘Sides, not like capital-grade warhead launchers (or their guidance systems, anyhow) should need a direct path to target; I’d pull out another X-wing book anecdote, but there’s no way anyone isn’t sick of those. If anything, you’d think missile-heavy ships like the Victory-I would be lobbing their volleys from the less-engaged facing in a broadside exchange.

        • Xeno

          Modern-day ASM’s generally point to the front of the ship or they’re VLS. It would take more fuel/time for each missile to do a 180 before homing in on the enemy, allowing enemy defensive systems more time to pick them off.

          • Fractalsponge

            Kashin mod didn’t. For much the same reasons…designed to lob shots at a carrier group while running.

          • gorkmalork

            VLS-style systems were pretty much what I was getting at. Compared to the distances said missiles cover & fuel burned plotting twisty courses to spoof point-defense, heading changes after launch doesn’t strike me as much of a price-‘specially if it reduces the risk of your launch tubes soaking up an HTL hit.

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