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  1. Maje3d

    Thanks so much for building this vessel, Ansel. I love your interpretations of the ships from the X-wing and TIE Fighter games! The Tanfalk-class Escort Carrier is one of my favorite Imperial starships, and your re-imagining of her fits her right in with the aesthetic so commonly associated with the Empire.

    I am curious as to what you are using as reference material, especially if you know of any good websites that have high resolution blueprint drawings for the different views. Also, are you planning out your models before you start building them, at least to get a general sense of what you want or are you modeling on the fly?

    • AralesBloodmoon

      “Tanfalk-class” Wow I’ve always wondered! I’ve also always been a fan of these vessels from those games too. Keep up the great work! 😀

      • AralesBloodmoon

        I don’t wanna be “that guy” but I’m correcting myself here: According to Wookiepedia it’s the Ton-Falk-class sorry lol

  2. Skallord

    I don’t know if it’s the lighting, but the ship feels so real in this render.

  3. mr.oneshot

    Cygnus and Sienar are starship company names, right? By the way, how many shuttle models did the Empire use?
    There’s the T4-a, the dropship, the Theta, the Escort shuttle, the troop transport just to name a few…

    • Eric Otness

      Well, yeah, they are, though Sienar via their subsidiary Design Systems also developed drive and power systems as well. Cygnus worked on the Lambda and Sentinel-class shuttles. Sienar’s famous for the TIEs

  4. Stormhereld

    I like the bigger turrets and the new 3 barreled smaller turrets on the Rogue one Star destroyer ,I can’t tell if the 3 barreled ones were in A new hope as the Star destroyers weren’t very detailed back then ,I get why the empire changed to the Octuple barbette turbolaser batteries on the Imperial 2 class to deal with smaller faster ships ,but I much prefer the larger turrets in Rouge One ,as they really bring out the ferocity in the Star destroyer.

    • Fractalsponge

      Both turrets were on the ANH destroyer. The big flank turrets had different details but were still large twin mounts.

    • Maje3d

      The model in Rogue One is meant to be a replica of the model used in A New Hope. The first time we see the Imperator II -class Star Destroyers are in The Empire Strikes Back.

      And then lastly, we have the Tector-class seen briefly in Return of the Jedi.

      • gorkmalork

        Speaking of blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em ROTJ craft, I find myself rather curious about that ‘communications ship’ from the novelization. Apparently one of the new official novels mentioned its name (Pride of Tarlandia), but next to nil about any specs beyond basic designation (battlecruiser). Think it’s a Bellator, Praetor, or something else?

        • Maje3d

          Oh yeah, I remember reading about that ship! Outside of the novelization we never see it and nothing is actually confirmed in terms of appearance.

          The Tector-class fares little better in that it’s more of a Imperator II sub-class that’s had the hanger removed in favor of reinforced hull armor. We only ever get to see it briefly when Rebel fighters are flying over the hull. (I think the Tector is flipped on its axis 180 degrees giving an upside-down appearance since the ImpStar Deuce in front of it is right-side-up). Aside from this brief shot, we have no idea what it looks like, so it’s inferred that it’s a modified Imperator II.

        • Adm. Drakkmar

          From the view out of the Emperor’s throne room, it has a side profile similar to an Imperial-class. It appears to be longer than an ISD but this could be attributed to it being closer to the camera than the other ships. My guess would be an Allegiance-class battlecruiser or something similar. Found this image below for a sense of scale. Theforce.net also has several images of a command tower speculated to belong to the Pride of Tarlandia. The tower is a bit different from that on an ISD, with additional viewing modules on the front face.


          • Maje3d

            Are you sure that’s not Home One? Home One is about the length of two Imperator-class vessels. It’s really difficult to tell since the two fleets are nearly unidentifiable. A comm ship may be visible. After all, there are all kinds of ships in the Rebel fleet that have never been identified, but we see them on screen, most notably at the end of The Empire Strikes Back and before the hyperjump to Endor in Return of the Jedi.

          • gorkmalork

            As Drakkmar pointed out, the ‘comm ship’ blip does seem to be broad enough on one end (and slim enough near the bow) to indicate some flavor of KDY ship design; Mon Cals tend to be thicker around the midsection with a gradual taper towards the bow & aft. Hard to say re: scale, though I’m tempted to consider it at least *somewhat* bigger than a stock Impstar.

            @Adm. Drakkmar
            Fractal’s Allegiance model does retain a teeny-tiny shuttle launch bay in the same general area as an Impstar’s, but you’re probably correct about the novel’s Rebel fighter strike upon that area indicating a different ship type for Pride (‘specially since out-of-universe, said novel predated Dark Empire by about a decade).

        • Adm. Drakkmar

          on a side note, I think the novel mentions that the Pride of Tarlandia has hangar bays. Since the allegiance does not have hangars, it may be a modified allegiance- class, or something previously unknown.

          • Adm. Drakkmar

            It could be Home One, I suppose. It does look like it has a Star Destroyer-style command tower on it, to me, however. In the end, we may never know for sure. It would be cool if Fractal ever decides to take on the Tarlandia Project. Lol

  5. Stormhereld

    Interesting ship ,it takes away from the standard triangle shape of the usual Imperial ships. So whats your opinion on the Star Destroyer design from Rogue One?

    • Fractalsponge

      It was a straight combination of ANH and TESB destroyer designs. What’s not to love? Certainly extremely well executed and makes me really want to rebuild my ISD from scratch.

      • gorkmalork

        Well *helmed,* on the other hand…suffice to say that Scarif’s orbital portion demonstrated why you don’t engage even one approaching-peer-tonnage foe (plus scrappy little escorts) in parade formation. ‘Course, then Devastator jumped in & started cleaning house, but talk about a miserable exchange rate.

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