Mon Cal test WIP#1

Finally, thanks to discussions with the brilliant Howard Day, I’ve got a reasonable workflow for doing physical panels on complex curved surfaces. Testing out the procedure with a made-up 1.4km ship. Could be better, but it looks decent enough now to show.

mc18 mc19 mc1 mc6 mc17

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  1. Astro1derboy

    I also use a shrinkwrap modifier in similar instances. This is fantastic . . . and incorporating this method into your workflow is going to yield even crazier and cool work. (Already this is ridiculously amazing!) I really look forward to seeing the new ideas this technique spawns for you. Staying tuned as always! 🙂

  2. Rhys Thornbery

    Ah. I guess this helps explain why you’ve mostly done more geometrically shaped ships up to this point then? Very Nice. Look forward to seeing what you come up with going forward.

        • Grand Admiral Declann

          Agreed. Imperial Ships also, thanks to all of their seemingly random bits and parts in the gaps of their armor plating, there is a lot of places to hide small weapons emplacements for Anti-Fighter tasking, which if the Empire did that with their ISD’s, then the Rebellion may have actually been defeated, as it would have had been a lot harder, if not suicidal for Snub-Fighters and Bombers to get close to their ships. I have been playing around with the concepts of ISD’s octuple HTL turrets… I know that they can be effective at dealing with larger formations of fighters, and I was thinking along the lines of “what if the Empire would replace some of the SHTL or UHTL turrets on like a Bellator or Assertor with some of those turrets with those HTL turrets, except with them stacked up, like the SHTL turrets with with a 2×5 HTL array on each side of the turret, instead of the 1×4 on the ISD turrets.

  3. Eric Otness

    So, question: Is this the same Mon Cal ship as the MC90 thing you were working on earlier, or a different design.

    Also, care to explain who Howard Day is? The only name on Wikipedia is a currently deceased Aussie rules footballer.

    • Fractalsponge

      Different original design. Howard Day is a friend of mine who works in game development. He doesn’t have a huge footprint online but he’s an amazing CGI artist.

      • Chris

        You should have mentioned, that Howard Day/Piranhaman made one of the IMO most beautiful non-Fractalsponge (^_^) designs ever created: the Legacy class, a republic star destroyer. Unfortunately it seems to quite forgotten by the general public.
        Ok, for these days it might lack some ditails, but I always wondered if you could do a revision of this model? Maybe since you are friends …

  4. gorkmalork

    …sweet Sithspit, it’s an MCsomething with running lights & perceptible main guns-be interesting to see how the engine pods turn out. Any thoughts re: its placement in the timeline?

    • Fractalsponge

      My notes are that it’s a warship design, late Civil War/early New Republic. I think I gave it 30x 70-teraton turbolaser, so roughly 2xVenator firepower or 2/3 ISD firepower.

      • gorkmalork

        Ah, so slightly punchier for its tonnage than ROTJ’s 1.5-klick MC80 variants, at the cost of acceleration (smaller engine area) or hangar space? Neat.

      • Grand Admiral Declann

        So you are saying that a Venator has more firepower than an Imperator/Imperial?
        “…so roughly 2xVenator firepower or 2/3 ISD firepower.”
        That equates to 1 Venator to 1/1.5 Imperator, and that implies that a Venator can beat an Imperator…

  5. slowsmerf

    For curved panels I’ve been trying Blender’s Shrinkwrap modifier which seems to work. Don’t know if it would do the job on a scale as big as that Mon Calamari ship, however.

    • Fractalsponge

      It is a similar concept. Conversion of UV mapping into guide geometry coupled with Skinwrap modifier in Max. The result is still all geometry.

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