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  1. DanielShenise

    The engines look too KDY/Imperial in arrangement and scaling. Weren’t Mon Cal ships known for having a larger number of smaller engines? They also tended to be more staggered and semi-recessed along the hull. That’s the only thing that looks off to me. I’m impressed by your ability to work with complex curved forms like this.

    • Fractalsponge

      1.5 bank:

      ~Single bank:

      Large-ish nozzles:

      There is no “standard” Mon Cal arrangement

      • gorkmalork

        There might be “standard arrangements” for a given MCnumber type, but point amply proven otherwise. Also, steaming kriff is that center Mon Remonda sketch (and the original Essential Guide 2-view) thrust-impoverished. One hopes the tonnage, shields & firepower were worth such a tradeoff.

  2. slowsmerf

    I really like the lighting in these renders, especially the hangar shot. Also the hull plating works very well.
    I would probably change the orientation on some of the small nodules on the surface to run parallel to the ship’s length axis instead of following the hull curvature.

  3. gorkmalork

    Well, color me hilariously wrong re: that low-thrust supposition in the last WIP. This thing looks fit to at least make a pursuing Impstar work for its firing solution, and the rear arcs for those dorsal turret pods seem fairly unencumbered. Also digging the ventral hangar lip’s flow, though I somehow doubt this particular design’s squeezing any corvettes in there.

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s pretty much fighter and shuttle launch/recovery only. Given the size of Rebel fighters I’d expect no more than 3 squadrons to begin with.

  4. Rhys Thornbery

    Ah, I see. Hadn’t realized that was what it crashed into in the movie. Cool. Just curious have you ever considered making ships of hybrid construction. For example, a CIS ship of some variety that has been captured and extensively modified and refit by Kuat or something? The mixed design philosophies would be interesting to see.

  5. Rhys Thornbery

    Huh….What is that glowing ‘cowl’ on the underside? It’s cool, kinda reminds me of Covenant stuff in some ways. I just have no idea what it does…

    • Fractalsponge

      inside is the hangar aperture. It’s based on the aperture that that one TIE fighter crashes into at Endor.

    • Chris

      1st question I was going to ask…where’s the hanger?? What are you thinking…3 squadrons of fighters and several shuttles for support??

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