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  1. Taghmata Omnissiah

    It would be nice to see it’s air/space(?) wing flying alongside it.

    • gorkmalork

      That would require one doozy of a pullback to fit all those shuttles & TIEs in the same shot. Come to think of it, hilariously fitting that the Ton Falk’s already resembles a beehive on its side. All that’s missing is the cartoon-buzz SFX in place of TIE engines.

  2. Earthworm Jim

    How big are these? How many fighters can they carry? I love your work!!!

    • Joshua Crafts

      They were 500m long and 150m tall and carried a compliment of 72 fighters and 6 shuttles according to the source books.

  3. Steve Bannon

    Great work as usual, Ansel. I’m always surprised how you manage to take mediocre source material and turn it into a plausible looking warship. Is the recessed sensor dome on the top built to ISD size?

    • gorkmalork

      Pretty sure those sensor/backup-shield combos are indeed standardized at the proportions seen on Impstars. And seconded on Fractal’s talent for upgrading-I’m especially digging this puppy’s launch-bay redundancies & nicely-proportioned engine block.

      • RhysT

        I might be wrong but I recall seeing miniaturized versions being stolen by the Ghost Crew in Rebels. Might’a been season one. But I’d bet on Gorkmalork being right about them being Imp Star scale ones in this case.

        • gorkmalork

          Checked starwars.com, and correct you are about those mini-projectors. Perhaps those were intended for the corvette + light freighter and/or civilian-craft market. I’d be surprised if, say, CR90s or GR75 transports had enough space & juice to handle ordinary KDY ‘golfballs’.

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