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  1. xegang

    The only things I was finding esthetically displeasing with the original design was it’s color.
    And I know Fractal is not particularly fond of color.
    I hope you will continue this project and I am looking forward to the final.
    By the way the original version seems a little underarm for a ship of that size (3×3 km),
    but I know you will arrange that.

  2. King of Alsakan

    Can’t wait to see the final take on this. I liked this design in the comics, though I also always liked the variety and the large command/battleships from the Old Republic Tales of the Jedi comics. Always feel like these eras needed more exploration story wise, and more dreadnought/battleships. We have enough smaller Hammerhead looking ships already IMO.

  3. Anditesh

    Would be cool to see in star wars rebels a modern version of this. And it gets destroyed before return of the jedi.

  4. Geroenimo

    Since this doesn’t have the usual WIP in the name, does that mean you will not be continuing with this ship? That would be a shame imo, this is such an interesting design, an interesting side-step from your regular Imperial starship designs.

  5. gorkmalork

    OK, what is it with Old Republic-era heavies & ventral bric-a-brac? I suppose it might be an attempt to keep main gun arcs & the bridge on separate planes in this case, though it still leaves me headscratching re: that donut hole.

    • Admiral Drakkmar

      I never really understood the point of hammerhead type ships myself. Is there any definitive advantage to having this hull layout?

      • Striker

        Something like the Scythe Mon calamari cruiser makes sense where the frontal blade is covered with Turbos so it would have a very powerful frontal firing arc but the Hammerhead types in the Old republic usually don’t have any other weapons on the front other than a pair of turbos on each side. Guess it just makes them look cooler.

      • gorkmalork

        Extra space for shield generators and/or sensors? Aside from that spitball, Striker might be on the money about aesthetics (and weaponry for bigger examples, including the Mandos’ Kandosii with its missile ‘beard’). Ah, and hangar/docking spaces inside the Inexpungable’s donut hole explain much.

  6. Skallord

    Yes! I’m so excited. One of my favorite ships in Star Wars. Definitely looking forward to your take on it.

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