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  1. Do you have plan for a bulwark-class battleship because the very little I can find on this ship seems really similar to this design (in 10 time more massive and covered with gun one end to another).

  2. A tonnfalk is a star destroyer hangar without star destroyer! 😀

  3. 1 squadron scouts is missing otherwise it could not be more perfect

  4. So cool!

  5. In the second shot I only count 51 interceptors and not 72. Just a little nitpick.
    That is still genius work and a great addition to the imperial fleet!

    • I’m counting 72. They are stacked so it’s 8 rows of 9.

      • Sorry, I see what you mean. I just have a hard time distinguishing them on my screen.
        Thanks a lot.

  6. Taghmata Omnissiah

    Now this is what I’m talking about! Great job!

  7. gorkmalork

    That first shot’s just nifty. Can’t say I envy the CR90(s) or Nebulon-B that happen upon one of these TIE-vomiting tadpoles.

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