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  1. I can not wait to see this finished.
    good art work u have

  2. What purpose are the huge globes meant to serve? I know the smaller (normal-sized) ones are shield generators, but what are the bigger ones? Grav-well generators?

    • Road Warrior

      They are powerful long range sensor arrays…dedicated purely for sensor functions, they do the same thing the bridge and other domes do…

  3. This feels like it could be very fitting as one of the Mandator class ships.

  4. Astro1derboy

    WOW!!! Incredible!!

  5. Ooh, Mark 1 Impstar-style bridge antennae. Strangely fitting for a ship with this much dorsal bric-a-brac.

    • Admiral Drakkmar

      Does any canon source ever state the exact purpose of the bridge antennae? Some have speculated that it is a tractor beam targeting array. However, I find that hard to believe, since its view port and starboard are blocked by the golf ball scanner domes. The domes make more sense as targeting arrays.

      • Fractalsponge

        I don’t think it’s ever in the movies, but communications would make much more sense. You’d need tractor beam targeting more near the hangars, not up top.

  6. Just curious what is that circular object just in front of the large geo-sphere? Looks almost like a circular fan or silo of some sort?

  7. Nice job, but just exactly how long is this vessel supposed to be?

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