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  1. Arvenski

    @Fractalsponge: This may be the wrong place to ask, but seeing as it involves big Imperial ships, it doesn’t seem entirely off-topic. Anyway, I came across these last night while browsing Wookieepedia:


    Have you ever considered modelling these ships? I can’t seem to find any depictions of them, so you might be able to design them completely from scratch, with no other reference material that you’d have to worry about staying true to other than their stats. Or, do you believe that these ships might belong to the same class as ships you’ve already modeled, such as the Assertor-class or the Bellator-class?

    • Fractalsponge

      They well might be existing designs. Not much is known. I don’t think they are Executors or Mandators (the first 2), otherwise we’d have heard about that probably. This design could be a candidate for either, or the other anonymous battleship designs on SWTC.

      • gorkmalork

        *skims the wiki*
        …this design *might* work for Dominion, if we roll with the EGtW’s account of Orinda. Seems like *just* enough ship to coordinate with an Executor (Reaper) & force another Ex’s retreat (Lusankya) while not immediately overwhelming said target.
        As for Megador, the one detail I keep recalling involves those sixteen thrusters. Dunno if any superheavy currently rendered sports that precise count (Assertor & Bellator sport 28 & 14 respectively), though Anon 3 (that thick one with the big frontal-superstructure tip) might have the aft space.

  2. gorkmalork

    Cripes, that cityscape’s looking better & better. Interesting (and, again, Executor-evocative) placement for the other two ordinary-scale scanner-dome/tower-shield pairs; you don’t suppose all that prickly complex superstructure’s the main reason KDY incorporated such supplements to the main hull’s internal projectors?

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