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  1. This would be a very appropriate situation for you to invent a larger/heavier main battery turret. Those DBY-827s look kinda dinky. Though I know they could channel reactor power at whatever level necessary through them, they still look small. Since it’s a CW era ship you’d have a lot of flexibility in design. Maybe dual barrel installation or even a single barrel.

    • I’d wanna see a central line of massive single-barrel turbolasers as it’s main battery with a secondary battery of venator turrets, like an Iowa having 16″ primary guns and 5″ secondary guns, rather than a boatload of secondaries.

      • Steve Bannon

        Huge main batteries only make sense if there’s a peer opponent to shoot at. If this murderwedge was designed prior to the clone wars, then there really aren’t any non Kuat Star Dreadnaughts floating around as plausible opponents. 200 DBY-827s make sense if the threat is thousands of Munificent Star Frigates and Recusant Light Destroyers.

  2. Steve Bannon

    Those huge com-scan globes look a lot more integrated with the superstructure now. I suppose one of these battlewagons would be able to detect, identify, and then jam any hostile presence in an absolutely enormous volume of space, which befits their role as sector-defense command ships assuming that this is based upon Anonymous Star Battleship 4.

  3. AdmiralStrang


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