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  1. Yoda

    With the number of engines the Assertor has, would this make it faster than the Executor or the Eclipse?

  2. Steve Bannon

    I keep on forgetting how ludicrously heavily armed the Assertors are. Looking forward to some rebooted EU author stumbling upon this monster and writing it into a book.
    I think the Eclipse has already been re-canonized in the Aftermath series, but they didn’t nail down what class it is other than noting that it was a Super Star Destroyer. Honestly, purging the EU of the old bearded Eclipse and replacing it as Sheev’s command ship with an Assertor would do wonders.

    • Admiral Drakkmar

      Agreed. This is a MUCH better design than the Eclipse-class. Just one look at the six tiny engines at the rear of the Eclipse and you realize that it will have some serious problems with maneuvering. Also, the beard at the bow looks stupid, and obstructs the forward fire-arc of the ventral weapons.

      • valoren

        I still think the eclipse was a fairly unique design, essentially because of the infamous beard and the black color of it’s hull…. I just thought what the assertor would look like with the same camo.

      • Soren

        I disagree, the six engines are well placed, like with a shopping cart for example, you only need a few engines in key areas for acceptable maneuvering, and for all we know the tiny six engines could very well be the most powerful engines in known galactic history, or they could not, but I think they’d be high up there, for a ship that massive having so few engines, they better be pretty powerful. Also, I’m sure the forward fin has some use, it has several antenna-like protrusions. It could also be just a extension of the ship just for ramming purposes, since ramming is a favored and encouraged strategy for the ship.

    • valoren

      Is the assertor the most powerful warship in the imperial navy? ’cause even with 4km less, it is still way more massive than an executor.

      • Arvenski

        Well, if you’re talking about the old EU, where the Assertor was canon, the Eclipse is 17km long and carries a light version of the Death Star’s superlaser. I’m guessing that makes it more powerful than this ship. In the new Canon, I’m not sure.

        • Admiral Drakkmar

          Fractal said that the assertor-class has a superlaser in the bow also. It may not be as powerful as the superlaser on the eclipse-class, but it should take disable a similary sized target in one hit. If memory serves me right, it has a 70 petaton yield. I’d say they the 2 vessels are on fairly even footing, with a slight advantage going to the assertor for its superior maneuverability.

          • Fractalsponge

            I think it’s pretty much impossible to scale superlasers, but I envisioned a full power shot being roughly equivalent to alpha, but usually used at much less to force local overloads on large ship and station targets, and maybe disrupt theater shields and single planetary shield nodes, but basically a tactical scale weapon. I think the Eclipse’s superlaser is enormous (most of the beard), and geared for continent-erasing firepower as a siege weapon. Assertor’s weapon would be much much lower yield, but can fire quicker (assuming Eclipse can’t use a lot of step-down power modes).

          • Arvenski

            “Fractal said that the assertor-class has a superlaser in the bow also.”

            So that’s what that thing in the bow is. I did not know that. Man, this ship is terrifying…

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