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  1. schweinskopf

    If only it were a mod for spaceengine…

  2. mr.oneshot

    The engines look gorgeous!

  3. gorkmalork

    Ooh, airlock. Plus engines more than befitting a fast lower-end capital craft-I appreciate your reliability in that regard.

  4. slowsmerf

    This looks so convincing!
    Having recently finished another model myself I believe I have an idea about how much work goes into this. Hope you don’t mind me putting a link here: https://countvertex.tumblr.com/

    • gorkmalork

      I liiiiike-very plausibly-early-generation shuttlecraft. Those upper/lower wings are more attractive than no small number of official small ships, and the retractable turret tower is a nifty touch.

  5. Maybe not painted…maybe heat discoloration from the engines.

  6. Anonymous

    Man is must have taken days to create this very detailed engines!

  7. Steve Bannon

    A splash of colour on the engines, eh? I think this might be the first non-grey coat of paint for a Palpatinist warship.

    • Fractalsponge

      *About to raise objection, realizes this may actually be true, puts hand down and shuts up* 🙂

      I was going for a coppery-metallic material – been looking at IRL engines for inspiration too much…

      • Steve Bannon

        Hey, I like it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with IRL inspirations for Star Wars gear given how much of the original studio models were kitbashed World War II models. Heck, even IG88’s head is a turbofan engine component.

      • Wasington

        On a completely unrelated note, Fractal have you ever thought about doing the Aramadia SSD?

      • Could use the excuse that the engines give off so much heat (it is meant to be a light, fast frigate, no?) that repainting the engines is just folly, so they leave the more superheated-prone parts the original material?

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