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  1. Anonymous

    I guess this ship will be more powerful than the Dreadnaught Class Star Frigate right?

    • gorkmalork

      Fair guess, what with the greater volume for potential reactor area-this Acc variant might have more hangar space than a Dread, but I doubt it cuts into overall juice enough to make up said bulk differential. Still leaves plenty of room for experience/crew quality/surprise to make a difference, though.

  2. DanielShenise

    I almost think you should take overhang out and just transition the bridge module into the upper superstructure like the Fulgor. I just think the proportions will work better.

    • gorkmalork

      Funny thing is, prior to the Disneyboot that ship was (finally) pinned down by Dark Horse Comics as an “Imperial II” class frigate which sported Acclamator-evocative superstructure & aft fin, but a much slimmer bow & odd double port-to-starboard hangar layout. Since SW’s current official curators have yet to flesh out their spin on that story, I see nothing stopping us from ‘head-retconning’ Ecliptic as a member of this class.

      • Chris

        Until they again re-tell the story of The Mutiny On The Rand Ecliptic….a thrilling adventure of daring and intrigue soon to be a Movie of The Week special presentation….I hope and wish.

        • gorkmalork

          Between Rogue One and Wedge & Hobbie’s own defection on Rebels, I’d say Biggs Darlkighter and however many fellow mutineers have a fair shot at *some* flavor of update to their tale.

  3. Arvenski

    A new addition to the Acclamator family? Awesome! The command tower seems oddly proportioned for a ship similar in size to an Acclamator, though; it looks quite oversized. Then again, ISDs have those huge command towers, so what do I know. Perhaps you mean this to show a step in the evolution of ship designs that occurred when the Republic became the Empire: going from the smaller towers on the Acclamator and Venator, to this, to the big, hulking ISD-style towers that we see on nearly all the Imperial capital ships.

    Also, I didn’t realize Folgors were that big. Whoa. I always thought of them as blockaders and patrol craft; now I can imagine a couple of them escorting an ISD into battle.

    • gorkmalork

      Hmm, from that bottom pic’s angle the bridge module just looks about half again the volume of a transport-variant Acc’s command pod. Wouldn’t exactly call that outsized.

      As for the Fulgor’s role, that design sports a few punchy-looking ball turrets, but speed & sensors seem to be its main priorities. I could see it specializing in running down fast corvettes & lighter frigates (and fencing with Dreadnaught/Assault Frigate-tonnage adversaries long enough for help to jump in) when not on recon/picket duty.

    • Fractalsponge

      The pod was designed as the Venator pod, or a variant thereof, though I didn’t have the Venator hull laid out for scaling. Keep in mind it’s meant for a 1.1km ship, not a 700-800m ship.

      Fulgor is mostly engine – it should be able to run down most fighters, but it’s not much good at killing things its own size.

      • gorkmalork

        Well, at least Fulgor seems solidly-constructed enough for shields to keep it intact whilst showing peer-tonnage bushwhackers a clean ion wake. Come to think of it, the closest Mon Cal counterparts (MC30 & -40) seem almost hilariously thrust-impoverished by comparison, though an ambushing -80 might well chew the Fulg up before it cleared HTL range.

        • Fractalsponge

          Frigates that size should be able to take a few seconds at least of destroyer fire. Enough time to react at the least. Fulgor just wouldn’t be able to really threaten anything that size, while something with HTL would at least at some level.

          • gorkmalork

            So a Fulg bent on bugging out would have a fair chance of escape provided the heavier capital didn’t score a tractor-beam lock. Which now makes me wonder about the utility of tractors in hot-pursuit situations against targets comprising, say, 20-40% of a ship’s tonnage.

          • Fractalsponge

            Not really sure how good tractors are. We see big ships capturing small ones easily, but of course they would, right?

          • gorkmalork

            True, their effectiveness on fellow capital craft outside relatively sedentary/cooperative procedures (docking, salvage, assisting damaged peers) is certainly questionable. I’ve been wondering whether Scarif & Endor made a little more sense if we assumed tractor-locks were preventing easy evasion/separation on at least the Impstars’ part (though I sorely doubt any Rebel ship had the tonnage/insanity to try that with Executor). Still, if the Falcon’s narrow escape from Bespin was any indicator, they seem to take a least a couple seconds’ warmup time, so perhaps reeling in non-crippled capitals is usually no sure thing.

      • Arvenski

        Yeah, I finally realized that was the Venator pod just now. I should’ve seen that earlier.

  4. Soren

    Fractal, you have the official Soren Seal-Of-Approval for this project! LoL

  5. gorkmalork

    Ah, the toothier sibling of everyone’s favorite clonetrooper bus at last. Digging the comparison lineup, thrusters, strangely familiar-looking bridge module & fantail extension (which just *works* with this particular chunky dagger).

  6. Steve Bannon

    If we’re taking moderately pretentious latin name suggestions for the class, could I put out Exculcator and Praeventor?
    Fine work as usual, Fractal. Looking forward to another tough medium frigate in the Republican line of battle that will eventually end up in a half-dozen Empire at War RTS mods.

    • gorkmalork

      Can’t help feeling those monikers are a bit too easily mixed up with Executor & Praetor. Don’t suppose ‘Gladius’ might fit, or would that stray too far from Acclamator’s implied theme?

      • Steve Bannon

        I’ve been following Star Citizen development for a while, so when someone mentions the Gladius in a space combat context, I always think about a light interceptor instead of a capital ship.

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