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  1. Anonymous

    Oh, boy, that thing looks intimidating. I love that you went with that kinda pyramidal design, with those steep, sloped sides and bow (not terraced, like an ISD) and everything going higher and higher up as you get nearer to command tower. It definitely reminds me of some of the star destroyers from the comics.

  2. gorkmalork

    Still digging those ball turrets (and their ample fields of fire in this case), and those quad-mount trios are nicely distributed; for extra eccentricity I’d be half-tempted to stick two on the command tower’s aft winglets, along with a dual MTL or six slightly further forward. This beastie’s dorsal hull-sloping seems to allow for an above-average ‘over the shoulder’ line of sight/shot.

  3. Steve Bannon

    It seems like every generation of Fractal ship has more and more of those standardized sensor globes. This baby is a less than a third of the size of the Bellator and yet has 50% more already. I guess the Old Republic really had an obsession with having the biggest flashlight in the room.

    • Fractalsponge

      It’s just a personal style thing. Been emphasizing sensor fits more and more with my designs. Bellator was a loooong time ago; if I built it now, I’d bet it’d have more obvious sensors too 😛

      • Steve Bannon

        What do you reckon are the additional marginal capabilities of another sensor globe? I recall reading somewhere that they can provide long-range targeting solutions to the main HTL batteries, but besides that, no one really has talked about sensor fits that much, beyond the basic capabilities of hyperspace emergence detection, close range radar, and some degree of FTL particle detection. Given their inability to track the Falcon landing literally right behind them in ESB while in full search mode, they can’t be omnidirectional, but besides that, I’m stumped on how these things actually work.

        • Fractalsponge

          Redundancy and maybe resolution I imagine. Even Executor only had 6. I can see ships with more globes offloading data to other ships in company as well. They proliferate on my designs partially due to aesthetics, so keep that in mind.

          The Falcon incident doesn’t surprise me – something designed to tackle light-minute gunfire isn’t checking the hull surface. One wouldn’t expect an SPY1-D to see a motor launch alongside either, omnidirectionality notwithstanding.

          • countvertex

            I would even argue in favor of Han’s ingenuity in picking the landing spot right on the bridge section and propose that the sensor globes are rather blind at close range.

        • Anonymous

          I wonder if Avenger’s golfballs (and aft bridge deflectors) were basically fooled by an insanely rapid deceleration/velocity-match on that pesky little freighter’s part-the sort of thing that renders you into ketchup if not for inertial compensators. Hell, Ep 7 gives us Han popping outta hyperspace quickly enough to spoof a ‘fractional refresh rate’ planetary shield and still (barely) avoid splattering the Falcon all over Starkiller’s conveniently underpatrolled tundra. Granted, on both occasions he had at least one budding Force-sensitive on board…plus, anyone ever check Chewie’s midichlorian count?

    • Anonymous

      No it is the quads 240 teratons turbolasers use by the Bellator and the Assertor as secondaries batteries and from the looks of it would might be this ship’s primary batteries.

  4. darkelf2x1

    Have you considered using ion cannon turrets like the ones used on the Imperial I-class Star Destroyers?

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