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  1. Ned331

    Since this very much looks like a Pellaeon, have you considered doing a Pellaeon/Imperious? Would be great to see either or both in full 3d glory.

  2. Tom Freeman

    Definitely prefer her with the bridge wings. Just my opinion, but the heavier tower looks better given the height of the main hull…it also gives her more of that old-school Marvel comics look.

  3. Eric Otness

    Eh, don’t care either way. Regardless of whether it has winglets or not, the ship looks awesome either way. That said, its winglets, if it has them in the final design, definitely look a LOT better on it than the First Order Dreadnought’s bridge here: https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/6/63/FirstOrderDreadnought.png/revision/latest?cb=20170823204018 (and honestly, the Executor looks very reasonable in terms of size compared to that behemoth. Not to mention, as big as the Executor is, at least it had a very cool design, while the First Order Dreadnought was more, “meh.”).

      • Eric Otness

        Yeah, wasn’t fond of that design either. A bit of a correction, that dreadnought’s actually SMALLER than the Executor-class, not larger (someone made a typo regarding the size in its article). Still, the overall design definitely doesn’t look all that impressive (the other ships within the Empire of that caliber, including your ships, actually looked very cool. Eclipse, Executor, Vengeance, Mandator-series, Bellator, Assertor, you name it, they looked far more impressive than that ship.). Of the FO ships and vehicles they’ve unveiled, only the TIE Silencer actually LOOKS cool.

        • Steve Bannon

          Eh, not much of a fan of the TIE Silencer here. It’s just an awkwardly sized interceptor with a bigger central pod. There was some concept art for the First Order TIEs in the TFA which I thought was pretty cool, but I guess they wanted as much nostalgia factor as possible for it.


          Regarding the FO dreadnought, I totally agree that it’s atrocious. If only bitching about it here would magically replace it with the Assertor.

          • Fractalsponge

            Fuck, now I will HAVE to make a Mandator, just to do it right.

          • Fractalsponge

            That X-TIE is …a Hunter.

            As for nostalgia, pick a fucking Avenger and rebuild it like I did. It’s like they went full nostalgia and took the original game engine model out of XWvTF.

          • Anonymous

            By away fractal what do you think of the first order’s gorilla walker the AT-M6? (All-Terrain Megacaliber-six) I bet you hate it as well but not as much as the dreadpizza.

          • Fractalsponge

            I actually don’t mind the hull. It’s very reminiscent of the fan concept I loosely based the AT-SP on. But oh my god the front legs are stupid looking. I mean, mecha ARE stupid, I get that, but no need to go overboard with it! 🙂 But all in all, not nearly as bad as dreadpizza (totally going to steal that).

          • Anonymous

            Neat and i don’t mind you stealing the dreadpizza phrase.
            speaking of which i bet that you already hate the weapons on it like the two giant autocannons for orbital bombardment underneath and a whopping 24 point defense anti-aircraft (even though there is NO AIR IN SPACE) cannons on the top so that doesn’t make it better for you right?

      • gorkmalork

        Still trying to duck major TLJ spoilers, but I’m inordinately curious: how would you rate that FO superheavy design (aesthetically and/or practically) vis-a-vis the Kyle Katarn games’ Vengeance class? The latter strikes me as inordinately hollow-framed for any role besides supercarrier or plus-sized fleet tender.

        • Fractalsponge

          The new trilogy is dead to me. Spoil away. I HATE that FO design. I HATE it with the fury of a thousand exploding quasars. I’m going to post about it when I have the time to gather it all together. I like the Vengeance design for what it looks like, but it just doesn’t look much like a powerful ship, certainly not for its size.

          • Anonymous

            With that much hate does that make the first order dreadnought your most hated ship ever?

          • Fractalsponge

            Nah. There are worse out there. But this level of mediocrity in a movie design bothers me.

          • gorkmalork

            At this point I may well find myself watching Eps 8 & 9 mainly to commemorate Carrie Fisher & see how the new central cast play off each other, with ship design running a distant third. I mean, of course tech’s merely a component of universe-building within a story, but why half-ass said component with resources like Fracking Disney(R) at your back?

          • Anonymous

            So Fractal what do you think look worst the first order dreadnought or the valor class cruiser from the old republic?

          • Fractalsponge

            I wouldn’t say either of them are pretty. But, the Valor design at least tried. And it didn’t fail on the scale front. It might not make a huge amount of sense, but it at least was innovating while holding some of the recognizable scale and design cues from older SW designs.

          • Anonymous

            Right so then what ship do you think is even worst than the first order dreadnought? (I refuse to called it a Mandator class let alone being the Mandator 4 of all things!)

  4. Gruma

    The bridge looks more prominent without winglets, they distract a bit too much frome the main bridge.
    How about attach the winglets somewhere else, on the mainhull or somewhere on the superstructure?

  5. Anonymous

    Bridge section “winglets” are awesome!! Go with the first one 😃

  6. prodota

    Winglets makes the ship appear smaller. Either decrease its size or remove them.

  7. RhysT

    I like the bridge winglet things. The Tower doesn’t carry enough weight in it otherwise. Just an aesthetic thing for me really.

    • DanielShenise

      You could do it both ways, you’ve already basically finished the winglets, just stick them on a different layer and freeze it or turn it off. Then you can decide which way you like it.

  8. Soren

    I like it with the extended bridge in picture 1 and 3. Keep her as she was before!

  9. gorkmalork

    Gotta admit: the winglets have grown on me, ‘specially if this beast winds up as an early/original-flavor Procurator per that other WIP thread.

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