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  1. Johnathan

    could you please more halo ships using the fleet battle models as a basis or sins of the solar prophets lol idk but the halo community could really use some nice 3d ship models

  2. Yoda

    Could you make the UNSC Pillar of Autumn? Those Halcyon-class Light Cruisers are badass.

  3. Nahom

    the best model i have ever seen. make more UNSC ships i cant wait to see u next post.

  4. Spartan919

    Amazing work on the detail of the Infinity, More halo ships would be AWESOME!!!

    P.S. Are you going to render Rebel spacecraft and ground vehicles?

  5. Lanh Doan

    Amazing work, this is probably one of the best looking models of the UNSC Infinity I’ve ever seen, especially in terms of the detail that went into making it look that much more real. I’m an artist myself working in the world of 3D, 2D and making games in Unreal 4.

    As of late I’ve transitioned into the world of Eva Foam, Thibra, Worbla which are all real world materials that Cosplayers, costume makers and weapon makers use to create real life replicas of the 3D game ones, a lot of them come from the world of warcraft, a ton of cosplayers love to create Halo master chief outfits and so on. But I had an idea of using those materials and creating a massive replica of the UNSC Infinity as a real life physical model. I’ve gathered a ton of reference material, mostly image renders and I was hoping that you could help me out with either a video render of the ship or the actual fire in maya or whatever program that was used to make it. Other options would be using art station and their Marmoset embedded rendering in real time allowing me to rotate in angle and to zoom into any model that is put up there.

    thanks so much for even considering it would be a pleasure to finally make a dream come true, i’ve recently recovered from a series of surgeries that put me out of the 3D career for a while (4 years to be precise) and several near death moments as well. I wanted to do something that was tangible and would still be around if I happen to get ill again and not make it through the next rounds.

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