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  1. Anonymous

    So Fractal what do you think of the Quasar Fire-class cruiser carrier? (In legends it was called a bulk carrier and was primarily use by the rebel alliance while in canon it was use by the galactic empire and was a cruiser carrier but it was also called a imperial light carrier.)

  2. prodota

    Yo, i heard you liked thrusters…

    Can you make the inner thrusters more depressed into the big ring? Or make the big ring tighter around the thrusters. As of now things look a bit awkward.

    • Fractalsponge

      Once you get above a certain size of engine cowling, it looks a bit ridiculous for the whole thing to be an engine – you have situations like the Praetor where the apertures for something like that would be bigger than hangar bays.

  3. countvertex

    First thought: I like it!
    Second thought: …LEGO?

    Still – I like it!

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