TIE Mangler Animation

Collaborative animation of my recent TIE Mangler ship (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xPVeE) made by the amazing Howard Day (https://www.artstation.com/howard-day). And by collaborative, I mean Howard’s responsible for the materials and the animation, and I’m responsible for giving him my mesh and nitpicking at him along the way smiley

Anyway, I think this is amazing! Enjoy!

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  1. PhantomFury

    It got five sublights…. Pentadic Ion Engines, the PIE Mangler! Also, awesome! Light turbolasers and laser cannons…deadly!

  2. Valoren

    How much firepower does those turbolasers have ? I suppose well over the average couple kiloton.

  3. Darth Ashes

    That’s awesome!!! 😜👍 Need to see it take out some X-Wings!!! Lol 😉

  4. Valoren

    A can’t find my jaw, it must have rolled under a piece of furniture. Anyway, awesome job. Where can I give my lifesavings for a full movie ?

    • countvertex

      The length of the clip that is, of course! The length of the ship is just fine.

  5. gorkmalork

    …excuse me while I relocate my lower jaw. That cockpit interior & aft ‘nozzle’ lighting lend this model such legit ambience before you even factor in the LTL recoil.

  6. Hecatomb

    Wow. That is impressive. There must be some very powerful engines on that ship to stand up to the recoil of those turbolasers. And one hell of a reactor to power it all.

      • Little Grasshopper

        Studly as the Mangler is, I wager a DP-20 would be a handful for a single unit. The 120 meter ship is packing a good deal more than four times the firepower.

        • Little Grasshopper

          Eight, rather. Eight double turbos, six quad lasers, four missile launchers with 120 missiles. A much scrappier ship than a stock CR-90.

          • gorkmalork

            Fair points, though I wonder how much shielding the gunship traded out c/o lesser tonnage than a CR & packing that much more energy weaponry. With the Mangler we’re basically talking an independent corvette turret which supposedly out-accelerates most fighters short of A-wings and Interceptor-ballpark TIEs. Plus, the Mangler packs enough missiles of its own to pester a prickly target with fire-and-forget projectiles if lining up TL shots just guarantees a faceful of point-defense pain. You’re right about a 1v1 where the DP20 can focus fire/defense not favoring the Mangler, but getting jumped by a half or even quarter-squad? Ouch.

  7. Chris Bradshaw

    So how much money would we have to pay to see an Allegiance fight an MC90 with that level of graphical fidelity?

  8. Anonymous

    Well damn this is beautifully (graphics and sound especially the turbolasers firing) awesome (animation again the turbolasers with it’s recoil after it was fired) this would have be completely perfect if you would have also added in the concussion missile/proton torpedo launcher firing animation but nonetheless it was amazing.

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